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Ooma is a standalone device that does not require a computer and no software to install. Ooma replaces your current phone service and delivers clear, landline quality calling over your existing phone and high-speed Internet connection.Ooma is an American publicly traded telecommunications company based in California. Let’s go through a few reviews and see what Ooma is all about. 

Ooma phone service

Ooma phone service reviews on the Ooma official website

The official Ooma site was the first site I visited to check out reviews and the site had an overall star review rating 4.8 out of 5 stars. Majority of the reviews were good even though there were some complaints. A lot of customers were happy with the customer service. They wrote about how friendly customer service was and how they were quick to reply and fix customer issues. The affordability of their services was also spoken about. Here’s one of the positive reviews:

•I have had my Ooma Telo since 2009 and have been extremely satisfied with the system. Twice, in the past 13 years, I have had a slight problem with my system. Both times I called customer service, explained my issues to them, and was told the problem was on their end and not to worry they would fix the problem. Both times, in a very short time I was called back by the Ooma telling me the issue was resolved.

I wouldn’t say there were necessarily bad reviews on the site, there were like one or two reviews with 2.5 stars and that was the lowest star rating. No one flat out dissed Ooma’s service, there were just some complaints. Ther were a few complaints about call quality, customer service, lack of accessories and a complaint about unauthorized charges. Here’s one:

•I started with 2 Ooma accounts. One standard, one Premier. I let the Premier run out after a year but was charged for a 2nd year. Had to call online to cancel the Premier. In fairness cancelling was easy.I still see lots of charges from Ooma that I don’t believe I’ve authorized. I don’t get any invoices e-mailed to me, just charges on my CC after I confirmed with the billing people that I have just 2 basic services, no add on features and should only pay for long distance and for 911 charges.

Now I have to waste time talking to them again to review/revise my account settings.Other beef is that they send you TONS of advertising emails. I don’t want to block all Ooma emails but I can’t seem to find settings to reduce that amount of ad messages.Overall, actual service is fair


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Ooma phone service reviews on the Trustpilot website

On the Trustpilot website, almost 90% of the reviews on the site were positive. A lot of reviews praised their customer service, tech support, internet service and affordability. Here’s one of the reviews:

•We had CenturyLink landline for years and after several problems we researched and decided to give Ooma a try. Five years later…clearer communication, no problems and $2,230 in savings.

Wish we would have known about it earlier. Couldn’t be more pleased!

The remaining percentage of reviews were not so good. Some customers were not happy with the company, they wrote about issues with Ooma charging their account without authorization. There were also complaints about refusal and difficulty with cancelling of accounts and Ooma not being compatible with Venmo. Here’s one:

 •Ooma products are ok but, when you try to cancel they will put you on hold and transfer you to the “no cancel” department. This department will waste 30 minutes of your life to convince you not to cancel or accept another product. They also won’t give you a confirmation number, they said they would email a confirmation number. In the end the only way to cancel was through my credit card company.


Last Words

After reading through a lot of reviews, I would say that it seems like Ooma phone service deserves a try. They do have a lot of improvements to make. Most of the reviews were good and to be honest, no company is perfect.

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