Reliance Jio Phone Features 4G and apps: a new kind of feature phone

You probably never thought you would ever see a feature phone with 4G LTE and VoLTE. It exists – in India. Reliance, the mobile network operator that has been disrupting mobile data in the country, has introduced a 4G feature phone. The Reliance Jio Phone features an alphanumeric keypad and a 4-way navigation button.

No; this is different from what Nigeria’s Ntel did with the Nova phone – an Android smartphone in a feature phone’s body. The Jio phone is a proper feature phone, yet offers the most advanced LTE technology.

The Jio phone runs KaiOS, a mobile platform forked from the now defunct Firefox OS, and has Reliance Jio’s apps, including the the JioCinema app for watching movies, pre-loaded on it. The mobile phone has support for voice commands, payments via NFC, as well as the ability to cast media.

It sounds like such a package, especially considering that we are talking about a feature phone. The Jio Phone is an example of how feature phones are evolving.

Reliance Jio Phone Features, Specifications and Price

Network and Software







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Interested in KaiOS? Find more information on the official website HERE.


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