Introducing Repair Mode: This brilliant feature hides your personal data when you send your Samsung phone for repairs

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Samsung’s new Repair Mode is brilliant, and it is a wonder that it hasn’t been done already before now. When your phone needs to go to the service centre to get fixed, your personal data on it – photos, contacts, videos, messages – are all at the risk of being accessed by the technician. Before now, the only way to prevent that is to backup your files and factory reset your phone. And when the phone comes back, you restore your backups to it. Stressful.

But with the new Repair Mode introduced by Samsung, that stress is a thing of the past for Galaxy phone owners. Before sending your phone to the technician, switch it to Repair Mode, and all your personal data is hidden away. As a matter of fact, the phone then appears to be factory reset – nothing is accessible. When the tapirs are concluded and your precious phone is back in your hands, use your PIN or fingerprint to exit Repair Mode, and your hidden data is restored.

Repair Mode for Samsung phones

Absolutely brilliant. I expect every other phone maker to copy this concept and come up with their own equivalents of Repair Mode. Wait; scratch that. I fully expect Google to bake this feature into Android OS, so that every Android user can take advantage of it. Apple will definitely come up with a sleeker version of it for iPhones, as well. I am betting on that.

How to enable Repair Mode in Samsung phones

On your Samsung phone, go to Settings > Battery and Device Care, to activate it. Once activated, your phone will reboot into a state that is as clean as a factory reset.

When will Repair Mode show up in the first Samsung phones?

Samsung says that Repair Mode will be implemented in the Galaxy S21 series via a software update. It will get baked into One UI, come to other existing models in the future, and come to new Samsung phones. No time schedule has been given for the roll out.

Repair Mode is more than enough reason for many people to want to switch to Samsung phones. Again, it is absolutely brilliant.

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