T-Mobile Home Internet: Plans, Availability, Quality

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What is T-Mobile Home Internet ? It is an Internet service that uses a 4G LTE or 5G network to deliver Internet to residences across the United States. But instead of working directly via smartphones, the connection is delivered via a Gateway router/modem which broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal accessible by all the devices in your home.

In summary, the Home Internet service allows multiple devices – smartphone, tablet, smart TV, laptop, etc, to connect at the same time to use the T-Mobile 4G or 5G network. The service runs primarily on 5G, but where 5G coverage isn’t available, it can be delivered over a 4G network.

T-Mobile Home Internet router

What service plans are available on T-Mobile Home Internet service? There is only one plan. Just one. It provides unlimited data for $50 monthly. That’s it. Is there a data cap? T-Mobile says there is none. So far, users have not reported hitting any either. But it isn’t the fastest service you can find: maximum speed is only 115 Mbps, whereas Verizon’s 5G home Internet service delivers up to 1 Gbps.

The Home Internet service can be managed via the portal on the T-Mobile website, as well as via mobile apps for iPhone/iPad and Android. The download links for the apps are provided in the section below.

Frequently Asked Questions About T-Mobile Home Internet

Is T-Mobile home Internet really unlimited?

As far as feedback from users is concerned, the service provides an unlimited amount of data.

Does T-Mobile home internet slow down?

As is common to all wireless connections, T-Mobile internet is subject to weather conditions and network congestion. If you exceed Fair Usage Policy threshold, your connection may also be throttled, though users say T-Mobile does not enforce any strict data caps.

How many devices can connect to T-Mobile home internet?

A whopping 64 devices can connect to the Gateway router/modem at the same time.

Does weather affect T-Mobile Home Internet?

Yes; weather conditions can affect the connection speed and stability of the Home Internet service.

How can I improve my T-Mobile internet speed?

One way to possibly improve signal strength and your connection speed is to change the Wi-Fi channel of your Gateway router/modem.

Does T-Mobile home internet have an external antenna?

T-Mobile says that the Wi-Fi Gateway router/modem doesn’t have any external antenna ports, but it is possible to access the internal ports and install adapters that allow you to connect antennas.

Can you add an antenna to T-Mobile Home internet?

T-Mobile says that the Wi-Fi Gateway router/modem doesn’t have any external antenna ports, but it is possible to access the internal ports and install adapters that allow you to connect antennas.

How do I access my T-Mobile Home Internet router?

As is standard practice with routers and mifi devices, you can access the admin backend of the Gateway router/modem by browsing to

Connect your laptop or smartphone to the Gateway WiFi, open a web browser, and visit You will need to provide your Gateway your username and password to gain access.

Where is T-Mobile Home Internet available?

It is reported as covering over 40 million homes in 40 different states. You can check if the service is available at your location by using the availability tool on the T-Mobile website.

How do I download the T-Mobile 5G Internet app?

To download the app for iPhone, click HERE; to download it for Android phones, click HERE.

How much does the T-Mobile Home Internet plan cost?

It is available for $50 monthly. There are no contracts that tie you down.

Is T-Mobile home internet good for online gaming?

Feedback from users is that the service works well for online gaming, because T-Mobile does not enforce any strict data caps.

Is T-Mobile 5G Home Internet good?

It isn’t as fast as some other Home Internet services, but it is affordable, has about the widest coverage, and generally offers reliable service for a comfortable monthly fee.

How fast is T-Mobile Home Internet?

The maximum speed you get is 115 Mbps.

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