Is UDisk (UC Cloud) finally shutting down?

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Once upon a time, I reviewed a cloud downloading service, and it is called UDisk (UC Cloud). This is a service powered by UC Browser, and it allows you to download files to your cloud storage account. From there, you can download the files at your convenience. This is a lifesaver when network is bad or when you want to ensure resumable downloads. I use it a lot.

UDisk - uc cloud

The Silent Exit of UDisk

Sadly, It seems UC Browser is about ending the service. I tried to login today and here’s the notification it showed:

Dear users,

In line with the government operation to regulate cloud storage, services will be suspended on Sep. 15th, 2016. Suspension includes:

1. Halting file browsing services on U-Disk;

2. Suspension of permanent storage on U-Disk;

3. Halting offline download function;

4. Please transfer your personal files to local disks before Sep. 15th, 2016, otherwise you risk losing your files after the above services are suspended.

Thank you for your support of U-Disk. We’re deeply sorry for the inconvenience brought by this adjustment.

The notice was signed June 12th, 2016. It is sad to see this service end just like that. It is also time to start searching for alternatives. Any ideas? In the meantime, it is bye-bye to UDisk (UC Cloud).

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