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Use Email Reminders in Apple Mail on iPhone, iPad, and Mac: Stop Missing Important Emails

In this guide, I’ll show you how to set up and use email reminders in Apple Mail whether you use it on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Now, you’ll be able to keep track of emails you need to respond to later, and say goodbye to missed emails.


This is possible through Apple Mail’s new “Remind Me” feature in iOS 16 and macOS that reminds you about any mails you’ve missed. If you open an email but can’t respond right away, you can set the Mail app to remind you to do so later. Also you can use Remind Me to specify a date and time for Mail to resurface any important message in your inbox. So, here’s how to use Remind Me in Apple Mail.

Want to stop missing important emails? Learn how to use email reminders in Apple Mail

How Can You Use Email Reminders in Apple Mail on iPhone, iPad, and Mac?

Being productive and focused can be challenging in the digital age since there is so much going on. Your inbox may overflow if you keep a large contact list and communicate frequently via email. If you use email reminders in Apple Mail however, you can go back to any email at a later time without fear of missing out on important messages. Below, I’ll explain how to set up and use email reminders in Apple Mail.

How to Use Email Reminders in Apple Mail on iPhones and iPads

The email reminders feature in the Apple Mail app for iOS and iPadOS devices can be accessed in two ways. I’ll go over both methods in detail below.


Use Email Reminders in Apple Mail from the Inbox

When you’re going through your emails in your inbox, you can quickly filter through them and set reminders for yourself with a simple swipe. Here’s a step-by-step guide to use email reminders in Apple Mail from the inbox:

  • To make a reminder for an email, open the native Mail app and swipe left on the email.
  • Choose the More button, which is represented by three dots.
  • Next, choose one of the four reminder options by tapping on Remind Me in the pop-up menu:
    • Remind Me in 1 Hour means you’ll be alerted exactly one hour after setting the reminder.
    • Remind Me Tonight means you’ll get a notification at 9 o’clock local time.
    • Remind Me Tomorrow means you’ll get a notification the following day at 8 a.m. local time.
    • Remind Me Later offers an option to specify a certain time and date for the reminder to be sent.

After opening and reading an email, you can also set a reminder in the Mail app to return to it later.

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Use Email Reminders in Apple Mail from an Email

You’ll notice a few icons at the bottom of the screen when you open an email. These icons help you sort, organize, and interact with your mailbox, but you can also you can set a reminder with them by following these steps:

  • Tap the Reply button, which looks like a left-facing arrow, after you open an email.
  • Now, in the menu that appears at the bottom, press Remind Me.
  • Select the appropriate reminder option for you.

How to Use Email Reminders in Apple Mail on a Mac

One of the many benefits Apple Mail offers for Mac users is the Remind Me feature. Of course, you can set up reminders using a variety of Mac apps, but not everyone may find this convenient. Luckily, the Mail app’s Remind Me feature is accessible from your inbox, just like it is in the iOS and iPadOS versions of the app.

The larger screen on your Mac enables you to preview an email while browsing through your inbox. So, here’s how to use email reminders in Apple Mail on a Mac:

  • Open the built-in Mail app and choose the message you wish to set a reminder for.
  • Swipe right on your trackpad with two fingers, or Control-click on the email.
  • Choose the best reminder option for you.

All in all, you can quickly remember important emails using the tips above, whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. You can also receive notifications so that you may respond to them later without depending on third-party reminder apps.

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