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What does SMH mean in texting, and how do you use it??

What does SMH mean in a text? Like or dislike them, text abbreviations are here to stay. The advent of instant messaging or chat, especially in the hands of millennials and Generation Z, has brought a deluge of abbreviations that are now used regularly in types conversations and exchanges. Perhaps you have seen words like SMH, TBH, IMO, and the like, and wondered what they meant.


These abbreviations for texting are useful because they convey the writer’s mood or frame of mind to the recipient. Instant messaging is particularly challenging because of a lack of visual of the body language and facial expression of the person at the other end of the messages. Where properly used, text abbreviations, emojis and GIFs can help fill that gap by conveying a mood.

Abbreviations for texting: What does SMH mean in texting, TBH, and others?
What does SMH mean?

Example: What does SMH mean in texting?

As an example, what does SMH mean in texting, and how is it used? That three-letter abbreviation means “shaking my head”. You use it by inserting it right where you would have said, “shaking my head”. Example from the screenshot above: in full English, the sentence would read, “Shaking my head. I will get on your case.” Using the abbreviation instead, it is written as “SMH. I will get on your case.”

This abbreviation may be used to spice a text with humour, or it may be used in the disapproving sense. The context of the message, usually, will determine in what sense “shaking my head” is being used.


Other Text Abbreviations

That is the general principle behind using these abbreviations for texting; use them the way you talk and write. Let’s look at a few other text abbreviations you may have come across, and what they mean.

What does TBH mean?

The abbreviation, TBH, means “to be honest”.

What does IMO mean?

IMO is an abbreviation for “in my opinion”.

What does IMHO mean?

IMHO means “in my humble opinion”.

What does LMAO mean?

LMAO is an abbreviation for “laughing my ass off”.

What does ROTF mean?

ROTFL means, “rolling on the floor”.

What does ROTFL mean?

This one means “rolling on the floor laughing”.

What does LOL mean?

LOL stands for “laughing out loud”.

What does DKM stand for?

In texting, the abbreviation DKM means “Don’t kill me”.

Where and when should you use these abbreviations for texting?

These text abbreviations, and others, are suitable for casual, social conversations. In other words, they are appropriate for when chatting with or messaging family, friends, and acquaintances. Using them in formal communication is considered inappropriate, so abstain from using them in formal conversations. Instead, use full words and spellings for formal communications.

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