Motorola Phone Manufacturing: Where Are They Made and Assembled?

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Motorola is a popular smartphone brand that has been in the industry for many years. When considering purchasing a Motorola phone, you may be curious about where these devices are manufactured. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the brand or considering purchasing your first Motorola phone, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Let’s get into the meat of the article.

Once upon a time, Motorola phones used to be a part of the Motorola Corporation, an American technology company with headquarters and manufacturing facilities on US soil. The first mobile phone was a Motorola, and for many years, it was the largest cell phone brand in the world. In January 2011, Motorola Inc. split into two independent public companies, Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions.

Motorola Solutions remained a US company, carries on the legacy of Motorola Inc., and continues to produce telecommunications equipment and products till date. Motorola Mobility, on the other hand, was acquired by Google in 2012 and continued to manufacture Motorola phones under the same brand name.

After years of being unable to grow the cell phone business, Google also sold the Motorola Mobility division to Chinese technology company, Lenovo. And so, it was that Motorola phones stopped being American and became Chinese. Motorola phones have remained under the umbrella of Lenovo till date.

Where Are Motorola Phones Made?

Where Are Motorola Phones Made Or Manufactured?

After the Lenovo acquisition, Motorola Mobility shut down its US manufacturing facility in Texas and moved all manufacturing of Motorola phones outside the country, namely China and Brazil. Motorola Has also opened a manufacturing facility in India in recent times. So, while Motorola Mobility has kept its corporate headquarters in the United States, its manufacturing capacity is not.

Are Motorola Cell Phones Made In The USA?

Not anymore. Motorola phones have not been manufactured or made in the USA since way beck in 2014. The phone maker is the 3rd largest smartphone shippers in the United States of America, after Apple and Samsung in first and second places respectively.

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