Where to buy iPhone 13 unlocked, and how much it costs

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If you don’t want to be locked to a wireless carrier or network, you will definitely want to buy your iPhone 13 unlocked. An unlocked smartphone is one that you can use with any carrier of your choice. That way, you can put the SIM card from any compatible network operator into it and it will work. You can switch between multiple carriers without a fuss.

Buying an unlocked iPhone is liberating. The first question on your mind might be, Do iPhone 13s come unlocked? Yes; they do, depending on where you buy them from. If you buy one from a carrier, with monthly payments, chances are it is locked to that carrier’s network and will not work with a SIM card from another carrier, without you unlocking it first.

The Price: How much does an unlocked iPhone 13 cost?

You understand the benefits of buying your iPhone 13 unlocked. But freedom comes at a price. In this case, it isn’t a big price. An unlocked iPhone 13 costs about $30 above the standard price of the carrier-locked units. Buying the 4/128 GB variant of the iPhone 13 unlocked on Amazon, for example, costs $829. That’s $30 over the standard $799 price tag.

Where to buy iPhone 13 unlocked

You may be able to buy iPhone 13 from many places, but it is not available unlocked at all of them. Here are a number of places you can buy the iPhone 13 unlocked and use it freely across carrier networks.

The first place is Apple’s store. Whether you are buying from a physical Apple Store or from the official website, buying directly from Apple gets you an unlocked iPhone 13. Freedom.

Another place to get the Apple iPhone 13 unlocked is Amazon. Note that Amazon sells both locked and unlocked models, so be sure to look at the product title and description properly. It is usually stated if the device is locked or unlocked.

Buying iPhone 13 unlocked

Are iPhones bought from Best Buy unlocked?

Best Buy is an interesting case. When you buy a phone from Best Buy, it is initially unlocked, but it will then lock itself to the first carrier you use it with. So, you are still stuck. What you get isn’t exactly a truly unlocked iPhone 13.

Can you buy an iPhone 13 unlocked at Costco?

Not at all. Costco phones are sold locked to a carrier. Costco sells contract phones and so require you to sign a contract with Verizon, T-Mobile, or AT&T.

Buying iPhone 13 unlocked in the UK, Germany, and Australia

Some mobile networks in the UK also sell the iPhone 13 locked. If you want an unlocked model, your best bet is directly from Apple or Amazon, as well. It doesn’t matter what your location is, the general principle applies. Also, it is likely to cost more than what those in the US pay for it. The difference in price can be as much as the equivalent of $100.

Can you Buy iPhone 13 Unlocked In India?

Yes; you can. Again, your best bet is directly from Apple. Every iPhone you buy from Apple is unlocked and will work with your network provider. And once activated, it stays unlocked, so you can switch to any compatible network of your choice. The Amazon India website is also another option. How much does it cost to buy the iPhone 13 unlocked, in India? From ₹79,900.

Your mobile operator might have it available unlocked, so do ask. Generally speaking, if you are unable to buy from Apple directly, above and beyond any information we have provided on this page, something you can do is ask the retail store if they have the iPhone 13 unlocked. It never hurts to ask direct questions. Also ask if the phone will be locked to the carrier it is activated on. This is important.

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