Here are symptoms of a faulty EGR valve

EGR valve

The exhaust gas recirculation valve, or the EGR valve is a small component in your vehicle designed to allow the flow of exhaust gases into the intake manifold in small amounts. This is a simple valve that opens and closes when it needs to. This is either to let exhaust gases into the combustion chamber, or to close in order to prevent the gases from entering. Now, when the car engine comes on, the valve is turned on too, and it stays in a closed position. Once the engine crosses…

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Some types of brake noises and what to do about them

brakes and brake noises

Brake noises are a common issue in vehicles, and they can be quite annoying if you have to hear them for too long. However, these noises can be symptoms of bigger issues with your car. therefore, when you hear brake noises, endeavor to have your car checked out. In any case, there are some things you could try out to fix your brakes when they begin to make any sort of sound. Here they are: GRINDING NOISE This is caused by a lack of brake pad material on your brakes.…

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How to tell if you have a faulty heater core

heater core

A heater core is part of a car’s cooling system. It looks like a miniature radiator, and it circulates coolant through its tubes, radiating heat into your cabin when you need it. It is also responsible for allowing your defroster function properly, and it is linked to the air-conditioning system. The heater core is usually located behind the car dashboard, under the center of the passenger side. If your heater core malfunctions, you could experience severe change in the temperature of your car interior; it could get really cold when…

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Here’s how to prepare your car for long-term storage

car long-term storage

There are times when you may not need to use your car for long periods. For example, you might not need your car if you are traveling out of the country. In times like this, you should know how to prepare your car for long-term storage. You can do this by following basic maintenance and service guidelines. Doing so will protect your car from damage and make sure you have a car in good condition to use when you return. Here are some steps to take when you have to…

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Do you need to jump-start a car? Here’s what to do

car jump-start

There are several reasons why your car battery could die. Luckily, it is one of the easiest things to fix when something goes wrong. When you find out that your car battery is dead, you might need to jump-start the car. Now, before you do this, make sure you have all the necessary tools, which are a set of jumper cables, a pair of gloves and another working vehicle. Here steps to follow to jump-start your car: First of all, turn off all electrical components of the vehicle. These draw…

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Push-starting a car: How it works, and what to do

push-starting a car

There are several things that an make your car not start when you turn on the ignition. These could include a blown ignition fuse, a bad battery, a damaged starter motor, a poorly operating starter and so many other factors. Whatever the case may be, you can start a vehicle equipped with a manual transmission even if you do not have access to a set of jumper cables. Most times, this involves push-starting the car. Here’s how to do it: Turn on the ignition Engage the clutch; put into gear:…

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How to tell if you car has failing ball joints

failing ball joints

Ball joints are an important suspension component found on virtually all modern vehicles. The ball joint is a spherical bearing in a socket, which serves as one of the main suspension pivot points connecting the control arms of the vehicle to the steering knuckles. Now, the front ball joints allow the front wheels and suspension to move back and forth as well as up and down when the steering wheel is turned and the vehicle is travelling over the road. It is, therefore, an important component of the car, and…

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Reasons why you should not drive on a flat tire

flat tire

Once a car tire loses a large amount of air pressure, it results in a flat tire. There are several reasons for a flat tire on a car, which could include overuse, improper air pressure, and punctures. Now, driving on such a tire can cause increased wear on the tire and various other damage.  Here are some reasons why you should not drive on a flat tire: YOU COULD DAMAGE THE TIRE BEYOND REPAIR If a flat tire is driven for long periods of time, it could end up costing…

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How to know when it’s time to change your car’s air filter

car air filter

Every internal combustion engine requires air in order to work. Without it, fuel does not burn and provide the force needed to deliver power to the engine. This air has to be clean, otherwise dust and debris will foul up the engine. These unwanted elements reduce engine performance, wear down metal components and reduce the lifespan of your car. This is why your car needs an air filter. From the time you start your car till the time you turn it off, your air filter is always working. It delivers…

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How to tell if a filling station sells poor quality fuel

poor quality fuel

Most motorists have had bad encounters with some fuel stations. Such encounters include being ripped off by petrol attendants, or incurring some unplanned expenses as a result of poor quality fuel in some of these filling stations. Ultimately, poor quality fuel is not ideal for your vehicle, as it can cause problems for your engine. Here are ways to identify filling stations that supply poor quality fuel: LOW PATRONAGE Nowadays, filling stations are a dime a dozen. Because of the competition, some filling stations are not able to compete. Therefore,…

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