We’ve all heard of the Airplane Mode before. It is also referred to as Flight Mode. What exactly does it do and how does it work its magic?


What Exactly Does Airplane Mode Do?

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We’ve all heard of the Airplane Mode before. It is also referred to as Flight Mode. We commonly activate it when we want our iPhones and iPads to charge faster. But what exactly does it do and how does it work its magic? Today we learn the real purpose of the Airplane Mode.


The reason it is called “Airplane” Mode is because mobile devices and other gadgets that transmit signals are prohibited inside commercial aircraft. We don’t want our phones to interfere with the airplane’s sensors, because this could cause issues within the navigation equipment.

Airplane Mode


What Flight Mode or Airplane Mode Does

Airplane Mode disables your device’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular radio, thereby making it suitable for use during flight. This is why you are asked to turn off electronic devices on planes. Many people would agree that it is a small price to pay for a safe journey.

Still, you can use Airplane Mode any time you like – even when you are not flying. As we mentioned, it could help you charge your battery faster. That’s because your iPhone stops searching for Wi-Fi signals and incoming text messages, allowing it to “focus” on charging.


Flight Mode

Once your phone is fully charged, you can continue taking advantage of the Airplane Mode to conserve your phone’s juice. You can use this during emergency situations wherein there’s no power outlet or charging station in sight, and you need to make use of your phone for a bit longer. Airplane Mode strips away most of the device’s telephony functions, allowing it to save energy.

The obvious drawback is that you can’t receive or send text messages, nor can you access the Internet.


But sometimes, you want to avoid outside contact altogether, and that’s where the last purpose of the Airplane Mode comes in: it helps you focus on your tasks by eliminating distractions. Sometimes you don’t want to get those annoying calls and texts. You can use the Airplane Mode to give yourself some peace.

So to conclude, this option serves a great purpose, and its usefulness goes beyond keeping your plane moving in the right direction. In many ways, it can be a real lifesaver.

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