How to get FM Radio on Android

There’s a saying that goes, “On Android, there’s an app for everything!” Doubt that as much as you can, and you may end up being disappointed. If you own an Android device and later discover it doesn’t have FM Radio, worry not; there’s an app for that.

Spirit FM is a tuned, over-the-air FM radio app. The amazing thing here, this app doesn’t require any internet access. Whether you’re rooted or not, install this on your Android device and you’re good to go. In some cases where the FM Radio is a hidden feature on your device, this app can unlock it. Full credits go to Mike Reid, the developer, for making the great app a reality.

This app works on most Android devices that don’t support or have FM radio. Though there are some exceptions. Some Samsung, HTC, and Motorola models require you must be rooted before it can work. That being said, Spirit FM has a visualizer and a widget which you can place on home screen.

It also has themes you can use to customize the app user interface. This is coupled with great listening sound quality, and you can force the sound output to stereo.

Download/Purchase Spirit FM HERE. Or visit its thread on Xda Developers for more insights.

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