Ads on android apps are intrusive and sometimes irritating. They mostly appear on the lower part of an app or occasionally on the notification

Android Tip : How to Block Ads

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Ads on android apps are intrusive and sometimes irritating. They mostly appear on the lower part of an app or occasionally on the notification bar, and these kinds are stubborn and refuse to be swiped away. They say, “Nothing goes for nothing” . The annoying ads is the price we have to pay for installing free versions of apps.

To be able to block ads your phone,

  • You must be rooted and.
  • Yyou must have Lucky Patcher installed.

Click here to know more about rooting an Android phone plus its advantages and disadvantages.

Click here to download Lucky Patcher.

Now open Lucky Patcher, swipe the bottom right corner to the left to fully unveil the ‘Block Advertisement‘ option,


Click on it. Once its successful, reboot your phone.


From now on you won’t see any ads on your phone. Peradventure ads still appear, then you know they were sent from your village 🙂

For inquisitive ones, here’s how Lucky Patcher blocks the ads:

All ads work through specified IP addresses. These IP addresses are listed in the ‘hosts‘ file found in the ‘etc‘ folder located in the root folder of your Android. This ‘hosts’ file keeps a log of all the IP’s that apps have to route through to be able to use your data. So gaining access to your phone’s host file, and renaming or altering the format of the IP address renders the ad useless. Therefore the ads requests are sent, but since the IP addresses are altered, there won’t be any feedback. In effect, the ad will never show. Have fun with that.


  1. For Some Folks, Rooting The Device Is A No-no..

    If You Are In That Congregation, For Any App That Has No Business Going Online, You Could ‘recompile’ The App, With The ‘internet Permission’ Eviscerated.

    Apps Like Permission Manager, Permission Remover (Available On The Google Play) Allow You To Remove Any Android Permission (Including ‘intefnet-access’)

    Still, For Those Opposed To Rooting, You Could Also Make Use Of An Excellent Firewall (Like Noroot Firewall) To Prevent Internet Access (And Hence, Adverts) For Apps That Have No Business Going Online.

    For Apps That Must Go Online To Do Its Job, You Either Buy The Paid App (And Avoid Those Pesky Adverts), Live With The Annoying Advert, Or, Root And Follow The Lucky Patcher Way.

    There Are No Four Ways About It..

  2. 🙂 at “…. from your village ” and you can add ” on 52″ LED TV ” to it.
    Good tips for those who can afford to root their device.
    Terms and Conditions apply.

  3. I downloaded lucky patcher from the link you gave but it is not installing on my phone (rooted Tecno R7). I keep getting “There’s a problem parsing the package”
    I have tried different versions of the application up till the latest one.
    Is there any solution for me.

  4. Hello Austine, try downloading it with a different browser, or reboot your phone and try again

  5. adblock does not work anymore – but AdBlock Plus does. Make SURE you are looking for extensions, there are many apps that claim to do the same thing but are adWare and actually serve you ads.

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