Apple To Launch The iPhone SE 2 on the 31st of March

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With the recent release of the Public beta operating system, it seems Apple is just getting started for the year, with reports confirming that the iPhone SE 2020 will be released in March of 2020.


This low cost iPhone, alternately referred to as the iPhone 9, is set to be released on the 31st of March. The phone is set to go on sale from the 3rd of April, which is a Friday and is set to continue in an Apple tradition of iPhones going on sale on Fridays.

Apple iPhone SE2

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The Apple iPhone SE 2

Certain earlier reports placed the price for this iPhone at $399, making it a mid-range Apple device. It is set to come with 3GB of RAM, the same A13 CPU that the iPhone 11 possesses and 64GB or 128GB of in-built storage.

It is also expected to match the company’s standard for performance, with Apple looking to optimize costs by recycling the iPhone 8’s structure and opting for a cheaper display. This however may not particularly sit down well with fans who would have preferred to see the new iPhone take after the iPhone 5’s tiny frame.

With the Apple Media Event rumored to be over a month away, there are a horde of rumors surrounding this Apple device with Apple yet to make any official statement. It is expected that as the weeks unfold, there will be a lot more information regarding this device and other Apple devices.




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  1. Definitely, and if rumors are anything to go by, Apple’s still got a lot in stock for their fans this year

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