The Manual Foot Pump is an Auto gadget that saves the day

There are a few handy gadgets that can help car drivers out of some bad situations. One such gadget is the manual foot pump. The tyres are a vital part of the automobile, being what keeps the vehicle connected to the car and vital for control. Having a manual foot pump can be a Godsend for when you have a leaking or low tyre and are far away from a vulcanizer. Here is an example of a foot pump.

mobility manual foot pump

This is a high pressure foot-operated air pump that is easy to use. You plug it into your tyre and pump the pedal with your foot. Because I do a significant amount of cross-country driving, having a foot-operated manual air pump has saved my neck a few times. What you don’t want to happen is being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

foot pump valve

The cool thing about this is that it has an air pressure gauge, so you can tell exactly what the air pressure of the connected tyre is. Amd it helps you know when to stop pumping (assuming you know what the recommended tyre pressure for your tyres are).

foot pump overview

Should you carry a manual pump in your car? I recommend that you do. Mine has saved my skin a few times, especially as I do quite a bit of travelling. A low tyre when stuck in a hotel in a strange town or along a deserted stretch of road gets easily taken care of.

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