How to resume broken downloads on Internet Download Manager

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This discovery literally saved my life!! If you are a heavy downloader, then you will understand where I’m coming from. A time comes when you try to download a file with IDM (Internet Download Manager), and it fails midway or towards the end. Maybe, you paused the download to continue later, and it tells you to start all over again, or it tries to refresh the download page.
This is even more annoying when,(like in my case) you’re downloading a huge file of 1.5 GB and it fails after reaching 1.4 GB. Here’s how to solve this problem whenever you face this with IDM:

  • Try to download the same file again, but this time, but this time, click on “Download it later”. See screenshot below (Also ensure that the file has the same file size and from the same link/server).
  • Open IDM window and double click the file you selected to download later.
  • Goto the Address field and copy the full web address there.
  • Now, go and double click the file that has refused to resume. On its address bar, paste the new address which you have copied earlier in the address field and press OK.
  • Go back to the IDM window right-click the file and press resume.
  • That’s all.

If this procedure doesn’t solve the problem, then something must be wrong somewhere, or you blame the witches in your village.


  1. Eeeerm, isn’t this the same thing as refresh download link which IDM comes with already?

  2. Not necessary the same thing. Refresh download can is some instance restart the downloading

  3. Now you mention that I do remember IDM can be annoying like that when using the refresh option.

  4. In my case, refreshing the download link didn’t work. The above steps is what made it work

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