How To Create A Strong Password: 5 Super Tips

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Today is World Password Day. No kidding! Using a weak password is like having a door or gate that can be knocked open easily. A strong password will keep your information safe, whether it is for your smartphone, email account, online banking platform, or office workstation.

What is a weak password? It is one that can be easily compromised by an unauthorised person. For example, using your significant other’s name or nickname as a password is a bad idea. Or your mother’s name. Too easy. So pay attention to the following tips for creating a strong password and and safeguarding it.

How to create a strong password

How To Create A Strong Password

  1. Make long passwords. The longer, the better. Try using a minimum of 8 characters.
  2. Include numbers, symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters.
  3. Include words in different languages. The more less obscure the words, the better. The more ancient the language, the better.
  4. Do not use dictionary words as a password.
  5. Do not use your date of birth or that of your spouse or children. Just don’t use dates of birth.

How To Safeguard Your Password

  1. Some things are meant to be changed regularly – like your pants. And passwords.
  2. Do not share your passwords. While there is love in sharing, when it comes to passwords, sharing is not nice.

Do not forget: a weak password means that your account can get hacked easily. If you have been using a weak password, replace it with a strong one today.

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