Clone apps on your Android phone, the easiest way

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We all know on Android, it is nearly impossible to install an app twice and have them run side by side. I’ve seen people trying out various hacked apps, all in a bid to use 2 WhatsApp accounts on one phone. Are you one of those that would love to sign in with different accounts from one app on your phone? I have just what you need 😉

Use Parallel Space to clone apps on your Android phone

There’s an app for everything on Android, and Parallel Space is one unique app that solves that problem. What does it really do? This app allows you to clone apps installed on your phone. From there, you can run two accounts side by side on a single Android device.

Parallel Space - PSpace2-horz

Parallel Space supports almost all the apps on Google Play Store, and the apk size is about 2 MB. For the anxious ones, the developer assures us that memory/battery usage and network traffic consumed by Parallel Space is actually consumed by the apps running inside it. Download Parallel Space from Google Play Store HERE.

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