8 Features to Check Before Buying a Used iPhone Online

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The iPhone is certainly one of the most sought-after devices, and as we all know, a brand new iPhone may be pricey, with several checklists required before purchase. However, if you are on a limited budget, you can buy a used iPhone at a substantially reduced price.

If you’re considering buying a used iPhone online but are unsure of what features to look for, don’t worry; I’ve got you covered. This article covers a number of important things to check before buying a used iPhone online, so keep reading to learn more.

Look out for these features when buying a used iPhone online

What Are the Things to Check Before Buying a Used iPhone Online?

Second-hand iPhones are constantly in high demand, and they’re an excellent alternative if you’d like to save money on an Apple smartphone. As with any second hand purchase, there are some things you should check before handing over your cash. Below is a simple checklist that’ll help you out when buying a used iPhone online.

Request a Purchase Receipt

Before buying a used iPhone online, demand that the seller supply you with a soft or hard copy of the original receipt. The receipt will reveal two important details: previous ownership and warranty status. Check the iPhone receipt to determine if the recipient and the purchase date match the seller’s name or ID.

This helps you determine whether the seller was the first owner and whether the iPhone is still under warranty. If the seller is unable to provide a receipt, consider whether you are willing to accept not being able to trace device ownership. 

Wear and Tear

Another thing to do before buying a used iPhone online is to get a photo of the device from every angle possible, including close-up macro pictures if possible. This allows you to take a look for large scratches, dents, discoloration, and markings. Examine the camera lens for any scratches that can affect the quality of the pictures and confirm that wireless charging is still functional.

In addition, request that the vendor test the ports by charging with a cord and, if applicable, plugging in wired headphones via the headphone jack. Although the iPhone should be water and dust resistant, this protection does not last forever.

Check the IMEI Number

Ask the seller to go to Settings > General > About and check the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. Do this before buying a used iPhone online to see if the device’s characteristics match those on the certified receipt. Alternatively, instruct the seller to dial *#06# to obtain the unique IMEI number.

When the IMEI number of the iPhone is displayed, you can compare it to the receipt the seller gave you to verify the purchase. You should also use IMEI.info to check the network, country, warranty, system version, and other specifications of your mobile device. The IMEI number can also be found on the back of the original box.

Check Serial Number

Apple assigns serial numbers to all of its devices in addition to the IMEI number for warranty validation. This is another thing to check for before buying a used iPhone online. To check the serial number of an iPhone, have the seller navigate to Settings > General > About.

The serial number can reveal information such as when and where the iPhone was made. On Apple’s coverage page, you can also verify the device specifications provided by the vendor and check the service and support coverage.

Check the Camera

Along with making sure the iPhone’s camera is unbroken, it’s crucial to ensure that it functions properly. In some cases, third-party repair shops have been known to replace genuine iPhone camera parts with unauthorized ones.

So, before buying a used iPhone online, ask the seller to take pictures with the phone’s camera, then ask to see the pictures right away. Next, request that they take photos with both the front and back cameras. Then, check to see if the image is clear to ensure that the iPhone’s camera hardware is still operational.

Check Battery Health 

Batteries are among the most commonly damaged parts of electronic devices. Poor battery life can be caused by both normal usage and poor charging habits. As such, before buying a used iPhone online, ask the used iPhone seller to open Settings > Battery > Battery Health to check the iPhone battery status.

Recognizing that all rechargeable batteries have a finite shelf life is essential. It’s best to keep your expectations for battery life in check when purchasing a used iPhone or any phone in general.

After 500 full charge cycles, iPhone batteries should still have up to 80% of their original capacity, according to Apple. Any battery health that is less than 80% will cause iPhones to perform poorly and may require immediate replacement. Damaged batteries are replaceable for free if the iPhone is still under warranty. Alternatively, Apple provides a paid battery repair service for iPhones that are out of warranty.

Check the Microphone and Speaker 

Some of the most common signs of a water-damaged iPhone are faulty speakers. Since this damage is often hidden inside the device, it is one of the most important things to look for before buying a used iPhone online.

Make sure the online seller turns the iPhone to maximum volume to test the speaker’s health. Afterward, make a quick outbound call or text to see if the sound is static-free, or ask them to record a specific phrase and play it back to you using its microphone. Alternately, you could request that they play music while testing the device, adjusting the volume as necessary.

Authenticity of Device Parts

Inquire with the seller about previous repairs to the device and whether they were completed by an Apple-authorized service provider. Repairs performed in unauthorized centers may result in the device’s parts no longer being authentic. So, before buying a used iPhone online, check to see if the iPhone has any fake parts.  It’s much simpler to check this in person of course, but as an online buyer, you can still inquire about this with the seller.

Ultimately, used iPhones can come with certain dangers, especially if you’re buying them online. However, you can minimize these risks if you follow the guidelines mentioned above before buying a used iPhone online.

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