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It is that time of the year again, and we are deep into the NBA playoffs. There’s no better time of the year to be an NBA fan than right now and keep up with live NBA scores day after day. Even though I’m a salty Warriors fan who is sad that we got knocked out by the Lakers after that mind-blowing series against the Kings in the first round, the Conference Finals on the road to the Championships have been full of welcome surprises.

If you’re in the know of what’s going on right now, then you know the Lakers got swept by the Nuggets (it brought me joy), and the Heat are on the brink of closing out the gentleman sweep against the Celtics as they go into game 5 (3-1) up. I know not everyone is opportune or has the time to sit and watch these games live, but being able to see live scores and follow your favorite teams or teams going head to head at it right now, is a close second, and the next best thing.

Best apps for live NBA scores today

Top mobile apps for checking NBA Scores

With that said, whether you are using a Samsung S23 or an iPhone SE 2022, here are the top 8 apps that you can download and install follow live scores and full game NBA scores for the playoffs in 2023:

1. The NBA App

The NBA App has been nothing short of a blessing since its release for people like me. If you’re not American or from certain countries where NBA games are streamed live on TV, then you probably had or even still have problems with following the games, watching the games, and maybe even being able to check scores too. 

The NBA App is the NBA’s solution to that. Now the NBA App is accessible in a very large number of countries worldwide. You have access to Live Games, Live scores, news on everything going on in the league, Draft news, playoffs news, and so much more, and all for a very reasonable fee. It also has a very appealing layout, and everything is easy to understand and navigate.

2.The ESPN App

The ESPN App, just like the NBA App, gives you access to live games, live NBA scores, trending news, and more. With an ESPN+ subscription, you can access all of these for a slightly higher fee than the NBA App. But it is also important to know that the app covers every sport and not just the NBA like the NBA App.

However, live games are not accessible and available to a lot of countries, but you can still check and follow live scores on the app as games unfold and are concluded. The ESPN App is available to download on the Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store for free.

3. Bleacher Report 

If you’re familiar with the basketball community, or even the sports community in general, on Twitter then you know Bleacher Report.  They post the hottest highlight plays, they post instant alerts and news about what’s going on in the league, and on their app they post live scores of ongoing and concluded games.

The Bleacher Report app is very simple and easy to navigate. They don’t post full game highlights or have access to stream full games live but they have all the scoring highlights and live NBA scores that you need to keep track of the NBA playoffs or regular season games. You can download the Bleacher Report App on your Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store for free.

4. CBS Sports 

The CBS Sports app is another great app for following live scores on not just the NBA but other sports too. You can live stream games, follow scores, watch videos and highlights of playoffs, and get trending and breaking news about everything going on about the championships.

The layout is also simple and easy to navigate. The CBS Sports app is free to download on the Google Play App and the Apple App Store.

5. Livescore

The Livescore app is one of the most popular apps when it comes to sports, live scores, team lineups, and so much more. With Livescore you can track NBA scores live, but you can’t watch them live. You can see the starting five, detailed match updates, get real-time updates, breaking news, and also exclusive analysis after the games.

The app has everything you need to keep up with the playoffs and the upcoming championships. The Livescore app is free to download on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. 

6. Sofascore

Another popular sports app to check NBA scores is Sofascore. Sofascore gives you access to tournament details, up-to-date team standings, player ratings, team lineups, and of course, Live scores. 

It is not as aesthetically pleasing to the eyes with its layout as some of the apps mentioned above like the NBA App, the ESPN App, and the CBS Sports App, but it’s easy to operate and navigate. You can download Sofascore for free on the Google Play Store, or the Apple App Store.

7. The Score 

The Score App is a great one for keeping up with NBA scores. It gives you access to personalized scores and news, an all-in-one scores app, real-time alerts, live game odds, and league and match chats you can use to communicate with others around the world who are watching the game with you (which is pretty cool), and deep player and team stats.

It really doesn’t get much better than that, it also has a nice layout that’s easy to navigate. It is a good app for following your regular season NBA games and the playoffs that are ongoing right now too. The app is free to download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

8. Flashscore

Last and probably the least is the Flashscore app. It has all the basic features you need, like team lineups, statistics, news, player profiles, detailed notifications, and as you probably know by now, live scores. It spans a wide range of sports, not just the NBA.

Even though the layout is nothing to write home about, it’s not a bad option to use at all for viewing NBA scores. You can download the app for free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Other ways to view NBA Scores

Another option worth mentioning for viewing NBA scores is the Google Sports feature. You can select a large number of teams and leagues to follow across every sport, and with that comes live score updates and full-time game score updates. You will also receive news about what is going on with those said teams and leagues that you have followed, and notifications on your lock screen too.

When you unlock your smartphone you can also swipe to the right of your screen to see live scores and score updates of NBA games/teams that you have followed on Google. You can follow your favorite NBA teams like the Warriors, Lakers, Bucks, Bulls, and many more to receive updates by doing the following:

Open Google (G) app > More > Notifications > enable Show Notifications > under ASSISTANT enable Show Notifications > scroll down enable Sports Scores > scroll down to select Advanced Additional Settings in App > select Additional Settings in App >  scroll down to select, Game Reminders, Sports Scores and Topics of Desire, if desired.

You can also engage with your Google Assistant and get her to set it up for you.

What is the best app for live NBA scores today?

What is the best app for live NBA scores today?
What is the best app for live NBA scores today?

In my opinion, no other app comes close to the NBA’s own app (as you would expect) when it comes to live NBA scores and so much more. I have personally used this to watch the Lakers get destroyed live for four games in a row (and I’ve never been happier). You can download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for free. 

It is the NBA Championships guys, it doesn’t get any more entertaining and energetic than this. It is PLAYOFFS MODE! Let’s get active and support the teams we love the best way we know how. 

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