Best Call-Tracking Apps for Android

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If you’re a business owner, you’ll most likely receive phone calls throughout a typical business day, but you won’t always be able to tell where these calls are coming from or the reason you’re receiving them. Caller ID obviously helps, but it won’t always provide you with enough information to help your business flourish.

In such situations, call tracking becomes very useful. If you’re equipped with the right software, such as the one of the best call-tracking apps for Android, you can automate call-tracking even further. This will ensure that you’re up-to-date with all the information you need to grow your business.

Best Call-Tracking Apps for Android

We’ve created this guide to teach you what call tracking is, and to show you the best call-tracking apps for Android. Keep reading to find out what they offer, and how to take advantage of call-tracking apps for better business growth.

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking allows businesses to know who calls them, when they call, who the callers represent, what they want, where they are located, and even transcripts of what they say.

This means that call tracking allows you to have a database of customer information that you can use to develop your website and business in order to attract more customers.

Call tracking meticulously records various information from each call you receive to your website.  It works by installing call-tracking software on your website, linking it to a phone number, and posting that phone number as your method of primary contact. When someone phones you, the software activates immediately and records information such as the caller’s location, company, and address.

Furthermore, you can also establish fresh phone numbers to track each time you launch a new marketing campaign. This enables you to determine which marketing methods are producing the best results for your business. 

Everything is made much easier with the right tracking software, so we’ve discussed the best tracking apps for Android in the next section.

What are the Best Call Tracking Apps for Android?

Based on certain features and functionality, there are some options that can be considered to be the best call-tracking apps for Android.

Consider the following options:


CallTrackingMetrics is the first SaaS platform that informs contact center automation with call tracking and conversion information, resulting in a more tailored customer experience. Based on the wealth of features it offers to businesses, it has earned its place among the best call-tracking apps for Android.

This software can help you determine which marketing initiatives are generating leads and conversions and then use that information to automate call flows and fuel your contact center. It also helps to successfully unify communications throughout your firm.

CallTrackingMetrics monitors call recordings, transcriptions, and words said on calls to reveal previously unnoticed information about your customers’ preferences and habits. You can level up this data from your discussions to gain an advantage over competitors, customize the user experience, and steer your campaigns using first-party data that only you have access to.


Shape is another option among the best call-tracking apps for Android. It is a purpose-built sales and marketing automation software that has pre-built capabilities that can be customized for any organization. The simple interface empowers staff members and consolidates all areas of your organization in a single AI platform.

Shape Software offers a collaborative environment for your team members to stay aligned and productive in all their activities. Be it optimization of sales pipeline, interacting with more prospects using marketing sequences and online ads, cultivating customer relationships, connecting seamlessly, or tracking tasks, you’ll find that this call-tracking app offers a lot of useful functionality.


CallCabinet is a tried-and-true option among the best call-tracking apps for Android, a call recording solution for the most regulated industries. With this solution, you can capture every audio, video, and screen interaction. This tends to make quality assurance and business analytics easier for firms.

Furthermore,  CallCabinet strategically offers voice data insights to avoid business risks and assure fundamental compliance. All of these features contribute immensely to business success, so this is a great option to consider if you’re on the lookout for the best call-tracking apps.

In summary, if you’re a business owner looking for the best way to stay on top of caller information, take a cue from our suggestions in this guide about the best call-tracking apps for Android.

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