Even the best selfie cameras do not take the best selfies

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Yesterday morning, I wanted one good selfie, and it didn’t want me back. I kept taking selfies that looked meh. The truth is that even the best selfie cameras do not take the best selfies

I must tell you, the heartbreak from the repeated rejections was horrible. But I wouldn’t give up. You know, because the hustle to look good is real. I wanted a selfie that was good for my reputation as a fine boy, and I wasn’t taking a no. No dumb smartphone will outsmart me in my hustle to be glammed.

It finally dawned on me what the mistake I was making was. I was using the selfie camera. So I switched from the front-facing camera to the phone’s main camera instead. Oh, boy! The difference was so clear. I knew I wasn’t that ugly and drab. I knew I looked good. But for a minute, that selfie camera had me questioning my own sanity.

Fam, selfie cameras are scam!! See me looking all baby-boyish, frosh and shi. Looking good is good business. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Let me show you the results I got, so you can see for yourself.

For the best selfies, do not use the selfie camera

The photo on the left is from the selfie camera of my phone. It is a 16-megapixel lens. The photo on the right is from the main camera of the same smartphone. It is also a 16-megapixel lens, but look at the massive difference. I look like a refugee in the former. May our selfie cameras not shame us.

All Have Sinned, Even The Best Selfie Cameras

I have said it again and again that selfie cameras on phones are a long way from catching up with main cameras. This is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Even when the manufacturer touts the selfie camera as the next best thing to banana ice-cream, it still falls short of the quality that the phone’s main camera deliver.

And I mean ALL smartphone brands. There is none righteous. No; not one. All selfie cameras have sinned and fallen short of main cameras. Not even the best selfie cameras take the best selfies. The honour belong to the main cameras. Someday, that might change, but for now, that is exactly how it is.

Take my advice. To get the best selfies with your smartphone camera, stay away from the selfie camera at the front. Use your phone’s main camera instead and be glammed up to look as gorgeous as you really are.

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