BT Mobile Phone Service Reviews: The Good and the Ugly

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BT Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator which uses EE’s infrastructure, i.e., it uses EE as its carrier and resells their services. BT Mobile was founded in March 2015 following its acquisition of EE. BT Mobile offers both contract and SIM-deals to its customers. Some subscribers with broadband get an extra £5 off a month. How good is the BT Mobile phone service? Here’s our round-up of different reviews that will help you decide for yourself. 

BT Mobile Phone Service Reviews: The Good and the Ugly

BT Mobile Phone Service Reviews On Site

The website was the first site I visited and the site had an overall star review rating of 1.5 stars out of 5 stars. There were a few good reviews and most of them were similar. A lot of the reviews were about the company’s customer service agents and employees who were helpful, friendly and polite. Here are a few of the good reviews:

•Always helpful.

•I spoke to a customer service member called Ben. He was new in the job but I cannot praise him highly enough for his customer service. He was warm, friendly, very patient and came over as such a nice person. It was so nice to speak to someone so pleasant and he answered my query really professionally. Well done to Ben

•My email where not working first time in along I had pleasure to talk someone call John made it so easy to get me all set up

Again, big thank you !!!

Now, on to the bad reviews, a good amount of the bad reviews spoke about poor signal strength and data coverage. There were also a few customers who wrote about how rude some customer service agents were to them and how customers spend hours on hold to speak to customer service agents. Here are some of the bad reviews:

•I have no Internet access and I simply do not know what is going on. I had a poor connection since October when I moved from EE to BT. Engineer came out and said the sockets are okay. That was that. Still had intermittent connection now I have nothing. Was given a link to a tracker to track the fault but I need Internet access to go on it. I also need an account number which I have never had nor a written contract because I was sold the broadband by EE and all I was given was a phone contract not a broadband contract. BT seems to think I have no complaints as I am not a business.

•Guys get away from BT the worst service ever left me 2 months without internet and still charged me after I told them to stop and now they don’t want to give money back, being on the phone over 2 hours and they bounce me at least 6 times. Unprofessional services don’t use this provider.

•the worst company is a kind of robbery…ı just call them to cancel my internet cuz ı will do a new company they said that’s all good after one month they sent a bill for still paying … Thats why just don’t do anything with bt awful company do vodafone do any other company dont bt.

•Shocking customer service and you will spend hours on the phone to get anything sorted

Notorious for lying to you and mis-selling deals.


BT Mobile Phone Service Reviews: The Good and the Ugly

BT Mobile Phone Service Reviews On TrustPilot Site

The TrustPilot site had an overall star review rating of 1.6 stars out of 5 stars. There were very few good reviews so here are a few of the good ones I found:

•Like so many experiences with companies lately the main issue is firstly just getting through to who you need to speak with after that Herculean effort usually things go quite smoothly. This was the case with me. If you have Halo Full Fibre then when you do manage to speak with someone tell them straight away if I had known this it would have saved a-lot of explaining as soon as I mentioned that things changed and suddenly there was a 4G temporary router on its way arrived basically 24 hours later. Easy, sorted and a happy customer that felt like BT wanted to help.

•Brilliant speedy customer service by Leslie who sorted my query efficiently. I wasn’t sure if j had purchased an add on correctly and when it would start. She reassured me and also checked, without asking, the 4g where I was headed. Best customer service for a long time-well done.

•Praise where it is due to BT and the people who I have spoken to and have dealt with my late fathers passing. They were compassionate and couldn’t have been nicer, the process of changing the account to my name etc then being able to close the account couldn’t have been easier Even to send out a refund check within days of the final bill. 5⭐ customer service BT well done and thank you for making the process much easier and as stress free as possible.

There were a lot of complaints about poor phone signal and coverage. There were even more complaints about billing issues. A lot of customers complained about being overcharged by the company and the customer service being poor. A lot of customers complained about poor signal strength and internet issues. Here are some of the bad reviews: 

•WARNING…….Incompetent.Terrible customer service.Even worse broadband speeds.Theyll promise you the world then deliver you less than contracted.The only time you’ll get hold of them is when they want your £££.They’re not interested in anything else….They like reporting you to credit agencies when there product doesn’t work aswel. The only thing they’re competent at tbh. Beware. Do not sign a contract with these people……WARNING.

•Absolutely awful service, when it worked fine, but when the hub stopped working—- 5 weeks still no internet even though we were promised a replacement 4 times ……. Nothing, disgraceful.

•My broadband cost virtually doubled in the last bill. When I queried that I was told that my contract had expired so the price went up. When I pointed out that the company had not complied with its legal obligation to write to tell me of contract expiry I was told I should have known and the cost increase was therefore my fault and I should not blame BT. Unbelievable arrogance. They have, of course, now lost a customer.


BT Mobile Phone Service Reviews On Site

BT Mobile Phone Service Reviews: Last Words

After reading through the numerous reviews, I would say I have mixed feelings about BT Mobile so I’ll leave it to you guys to decide if you want to use BT Mobile ’s services. After all, no company is perfect and it seems like BT Mobile has a lot of improvements to make.

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