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EE phone service reviews: How good is it?

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EE phone service
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EE is one of the largest mobile network operator in the United Kingdom and a part of BT group. EE was founded on the 1st of April 2010 in London, United Kingdom. the network operator offers 3G, 4G, and 5G coverage. How good is the EE phone service? Here’s our round-up of different reviews that will help you decide for yourself.

EE phone service

EE Phone Service Reviews On Trustpilot

Trustpilot was the first site I visited and the site had an overall star review rating of 2.3 stars out of 5 stars. There were a lot of good reviews on the site so let’s start from there. Most of the good reviews on this site were about customer support, especially the company’s Twitter support team. The company’s employees were also praised for being patient, polite and helpful. Some customers gave shout-outs to the employees that helped them. Reproduced below are a few of the good reviews:

•If I ever call EE they are always on the ball. The service is second to none. Their UK based call centre staff know their job inside out. Today I had to call them for an upgrade and without any fuss it was done in minutes. It’s just a shame a lot more companies can’t be this good. Highly recommended as a mobile phone provider. I have been with them well over 10 years.

•I took out a phone contract for £32 a month last month. I was told that I have to pay £36 despite having proof that I agreed to pay £32 a month. I was able to talk to a super helpful lady called Tracey who was very understanding and spoke to me like a human.

•Twitter support went above and beyond and prepared things for my holiday that I didn’t even know I needed preparing 🙂 they also gave me a very detailed report on why i thought i was experiencing issues and didn’t treat me like i was dumb. great guys!

Now, on to the bad reviews. A lot of the reviews were about EE not keeping their contract promises and giving false promotion to their customers, which is quite alarming. Customers mentioned they would be promised deals from the customer service agents/agents if they upgrade to a new plan but when they did, the employees gave excuses.

There were a good number of user reviews complaining about being overcharged on the EE phone service. Another major complaint was network issues. Some customers mentioned that their network is always going down in some areas for more than 7 hours and they complained but it still keeps happening. Here are some of the bad reviews:

•Last year I was lied to just for a sale in store! Told I couldn’t cancel. Now its happened online. Promised £8 sim only but being charged £20! The salesman promised me there wasn’t a yearly price hike…told him there was and when he read the terms and conditions he backtracked! Also promised £20 discount on first bill, that didn’t happen either! Awaiting a response.

•worst company ever – customer service absolutely appalling. Took 4 phones abroad and despite ringing and setting up roaming, none worked. Son just gone abroad again, phoned them told them of the last issue, said it would work and guess what it does NOT! all they keep suggesting is texting roaming to 150 – he has done this at least 10 times!! why can they not get this right?? thinking of moving all family from ee because they cannot seem to get the roaming abroad sorted!!!

•I put in a pre order for the new iphone where a specific colour and size was available according to their website for delivery on day of release. 2 weeks have past the deadline. Constantly chasing for an update. Waiting half hour to an hout to speak to a customer service rep. All tell you different things including lies as the information contradicts what you read on the ee community forum. Eventually gave up and I thought i would cancel my order. Waited half hour on the phone. Eventually got through. Customer service put me on hold to check on my order and waited for a further 20 mins before being cut off. Absolutely awful service.


EE phone service

EE Phone Service Reviews On Site

The site had an overall star review rating of 1.7 stars out of 5 stars for EE phone service. There were a lot of bad reviews but let’s begin with the good reviews. Most of the good reviews were about customer service agents who were friendly and polite and some reviews even went as far as mentioning the agent’s name in their reviews. Here are a few of the good reviews:

•Darren at fox valley sheffield store. I visited Darren in the sheffield (fox valley) store today and had such a lovely welcome and service from him! Although he couldn’t help with my problem it was more interal i would 100% go back and deal with him again if i needed too or anyone in that store! Thanks so much for the lovely customer service guys, even in this very hot weather!

•I had reason to speak to the EE call centre recently and Ffion went above and beyond to help with my phone issues .. even arranged a call back a couple of days later as a follow up. EXCELLENT

•I have had a problem with my internet and a fixed IP address, the phone call to EE was painless, didn’t take hours to answer, Phoebe was extremely helpful and knowledgeable but unable to help so sorted out and engineer to visit. Darren arrived and problem solved, it makes such a refreshing change to get excellent customer service these days, but really can’t fault at all.

There were a good amount of complaints and some of them were about EE increasing their bills and overcharging. Customers were not also happy with the fact that they have to pay around £100 to cancel their contract before it ends. EE seems to have some netorka issues according to some customers. Here are some of the bad reviews: 

•Honestly regret ever joining EE. My bill has gone up 30 quid even with limits and they can’t explain it after waiting nearly an hour on the phone to spend another hour being told they need to talk to other ee workers to find out only to be told it’ll be sorted in the hour and now 6 hours on it is still there. Don’t bother with them, Three mobile is taking over as number 1 soon anyway. EE, thank you for absolutely pitiful service and probably the most frustrating interactions of my life.

•Changed to this company was with BT they have no customer service or a very poor one,waiting times for an advisor is absolutely ridiculous awful wished I’d never went with them.

•Absolutely appalling connection. I wouldn’t bother unless you want to spend every few days pulling your hair out because your wireless connection isn’t working again. Total waste of time and money.


EE phone service

EE phone service: Last Words

After reading through the numerous reviews, I would say I have mixed feelings about EE. The mention of false promotions and the billing issues were recurring statements in all the sites I visited and I personally don’t think it’s worth finding out. If you still want to use EE’s phone service after reading this article, please do. After all, no company is perfect and it seems like EE has a lot of improvements to make.

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