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Vodafone UK Phone Service reviews: The good, bad, and ugly feedback from users

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Vodafone UK Phone Service
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How good is the Vodafone UK phone service? Here’s our round-up of different reviews that will help you decide for yourself.              

Vodafone UK is a mobile network based in the United Kingdom. They provide wireless telecommunication services to customers. Vodafone UK was launched on the 1st of January 1985 and is headquartered in Newbury, Berkshire, England, UK. It was the first cellular network to launch in the UK.

Vodafone UK Phone Service reviews

Vodafone UK Phone Service reviews on Trustpilot 

Trustpilot was the first site that I visited. The site had a 1.3 overall star rating on all the reviews. There were some good reviews on this site. A lot of the praises were directed to their customer service and phone plans. Some customers mentioned the names of the employees who were helpful and friendly to them.. Here’s what a customer had to say about Vodafone UK phone service:

 •I’ve read some really bad reviews about Vodafone customer service and how the company is tryna scam, but I recently had a pretty good and reassuring experience with them so far. They were prompt in responding, they were reassuring and very helpful with me wanting to cancel my phone contract and didn’t try to upsell anything.

•I have been a Vodafone customer for 14 years and have had some highs and lows with them, recently it was at a bit of a low for various reasons but after chatting with Annika via the online chat and getting a very good 24mth contract that should see me through this cost of living crisis with minimal impact to my wallet.

I just want to say to Vodafone that you need more people like Annika and you’ll start to see your star rating rise. And as a bonus I recently won a crate of expensive IPA beers via their Very Me scheme so my faith is restored in Vodafone.

Now, let’s talk about the not so good reviews. Although a lot of customers praised their customer service, some of them were not happy with the customer service that they were getting. There were some complaints about their poor signal, unnecessary increase in bills, issues with the app and dropped calls. There were also a few complaints about the cancellation process. Here’s a few of the bad reviews:

•After over 2 hours, being passed to various incorrect departments, and then being told that I somehow don’t have permission to cancel my own account even though I am the sole person on the account, I am left in tears. The way they treat their customers is embarrassing and disgusting. Please, stay away from this company. There are other cheap options out there that will actually treat you with some level of respect.

Edit: they gave me a fake email address to submit a complaint to. What an absolute joke of a company.

•I took out a broadband deal with them which promised a free tablet. I have called them on the phone and they have promised me a code will be sent out but they never do it, I have been waiting over two months for the code. it’s only a tablet device but come on….. honor it.

•I’d give zero stars if I could. WORST customer service in the world and the app is always down. If anybody has a way of getting out of a contract without paying penalties, I’d love to know!


Vodafone UK Phone Service reviews

Vodafone UK Phone Service reviews on io

The next site I visited was reviews.io and let me just say this, more than 80% of the reviews were bad reviews. The site had an overall star review rating of 1.2 stars out of 5 stars. I had to scroll for a while before I found a good review and there were very few. Here are the good reviews I found:

•I upgraded my phone a few days ago in the Vodafone shop in Sutton, Surrey. I was served by a lovely guy called Josh who was very helpful and patient in helping me choose a phone. Unfortunately their computer system started causing problems just as I went to pay the extra. The shop was due to close but both Josh and a technical advisor called Sam, who I think is also the manager, stayed late in order to get the problem sorted out.

They managed to do it in the end but it took them approx 40 mins. Both were brilliant in sorting out the problem. I took the phone back the next day to have my data transferred over by another member of staff who was efficient and very helpful. Have to say the service I received was very good.

•Excellent network with strong signal and reasonable prices.

•The service provided is intermittent at best in my last two years as a customer. They have been a let down in terms of providing the service they advertise however they did compensate Me for my loss adequately so it’s a middle score.

Now, for the bad reviews. The majority of the complaints were about false promotions, false advertisement, wrong billings and customer service. Some customers mentioned that customer service is unresponsive and rude/ unhelpful when they are responsive. There were also complaints about coverage, poor service connection and signal. Here’s a few of the bad reviews:

•This is the most useful disgusting company I’ve ever dealt with there customer service is rubbish, they just steal from their customer, I called them to report there is no signal in my area instead of fixing the problem they offer £10 to shut me up and they don’t want to cancel my contract so i can buy a different sim card, don’t try to use the Complain service as is the same nothing will help, I don’t advise no one to buy or to use vodafone at all 💩.

•Horrendous, non existent customer service! Call centre, online chat, twitter account, stores ALL completely incompetent, queue for an age outside in the rain, when you try to phone the store the number isn’t even switched on. Don’t bother with Vodafone, go with someone else…….ANYONE else!! They have a very long way to go in terms of their customer service, I definitely won’t be a returning customer.”

•I strongly suggest you avoid any dealings with Vodafone (incredibly awful company). Provided a WIFI router that doesn’t work, followed by over 25 hours of call time over various ‘WiFi experts’ with no tangible outcome and then asked to pay near 300 pounds in cancellation fees. Disgraceful scummy company, stay away


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Last Words

After reading through the numerous reviews, I would say you should look for another cell phone service to use. The mention of false promotions and the billing issues were recurring statements in all the sites I visited and I personally don’t think it’s worth finding out. If you still want to use Vodafone UK phone service after reading this article, please do. After all, no company is perfect, but it seems like Vodafone UK has a lot of improvements to make.

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