How good is US Cellular phone service? Here is what users are saying

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US Cellular as in the name is a mobile network based in the U.S. They provide wireless telecommunication services to customers and is the fifth largest full-service wireless carrier. US Cellular was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. How good is the U.S Cellular phone service? Here’s our round-up of different reviews that will help you decide for yourself.  

US Cellular phone service

US Cellular Phone Service reviews on Consumers Affairs 

Consumers Affairs was the first site that I visited. After scrolling through the site, I finally found reviews on Consumers Affairs cell phone service. The site had a 3.7 overall star rating on all the reviews, which is not bad. There were a lot of good reviews on this site. A lot of the praises were directed to their customer service and phone plans. Some customers mentioned the names of the employees who were helpful and friendly to them. A few customers also mentioned that the U.S Cellular plans are affordable and that there is always constant service. Here’s what a customer had to say about US Cellular:

 •I have had U.S. Cellular for several years and not once in that time have I had a problem with connecting with anyone or any dropped calls. I have traveled from the Midwest to the East Coast to the West Coast and down to Florida and never had a problem. When I have a question about my phone they are always very helpful. I would highly recommend them

•My phone had shut down and I couldn’t even turn it on. Other employees told me I would have to take my phone to a place that works on phones because they wouldn’t be able to transfer any of my pictures or contacts. Samantha not only sold me a phone I was used to, she was able to turn on my phone and transferred everything over to the new phone. She was patient and explained everything to me and helped me put names on the front. She saved me from paying someone else to fix my phone. I am so grateful to her. She works at the US Cellular store by Rudy’s Tacos on W Kimberly in Davenport. She’s wonderful!!

Now, let’s talk about the not so good reviews, although a lot of customers praised their customer service, some of them were not happy with the customer service that they were getting. There were some complaints about their poor signal, mistakes in charging of bills, false advertisement and false promotions. A few customers also mentioned that they were still being billed even after they cancelled their account with U.S Cellular. Here’s one:

•US Cellular is a terrible company. The phone service sucks. The customer support sucks. They say “no surprises,” but that is a lie. They do not honor their deals or promotions. I will get an email from them advertising a deal at all stores, I go in, and the US cellular store will not honor the deal. I have had surprise charges, even when my usage has been normal. Customer service on the phone or through the internet is a waste of time. It is always better to go into the store.

•Do not switch out and go to U.S. Cellular. The company is terrible. They do not honor promotions or upgrades for the devices. When you purchase a new device you are charged astronomical prices of $100 for activation fees. The customer support (1800) number of every single person I spoke to was rude. U.S. Cellular is a terrible company. If you want to be charged outrageous prices and lie to them, go to Us cellular. The Internet service is not 5g. Not capable of being used nationwide anywhere. This company (us cellular) is a scam.


How good is the US Cellular phone service?

US Cellular Phone Service reviews on Trustpilot

The next site I visited was Trustpilot and let me just say this, more than 80% of the reviews were bad reviews. I had to scroll for a while before I found a good review and there were very few. Here’s all the good reviews:

•Have had this service my entire life and it has been better but it’s a relatively decent service. Just seems with 5G the technology is not as good as it should be, my 5G runs at 4G speeds or less most of the time. Even with the S22 ultra that I pre-ordered, which also took a month after the release date to get.

•Just watched an undercover boss! I was in tears 😭 OMG! The heart of the CEO for his employees is priceless! I would work for a company where the CEO is so concerned that he’s willing to become apart of the team! He’s role as CEO doesn’t make him think he’s above any task. It’s important for the leaders to know every facet of the company they’re running; knowing what goes into performing each role and task so that each employee is valued and appreciated.

•Customer Since 2008. I have had several bad experiences, but I mean their customer service is good, but the service connections and poor signal is sad. I only keep the service because I have been with them since 2008 and don’t want to change services.

Now, for the bad reviews, the majority of the complaints were about false promotions, false advertisement, wrong billings and customer service. Some customers mentioned that customer service is unresponsive and that some of them don’t speak English which causes a language barrier. There were also complaints about coverage, poor service connection and signal. Here’s a few of the bad reviews:

•We have been US Cellular customers since 1997. There is no way I want to give them 1 star. I would like to give them a minus 10. Their CS is lousy, I would like to call and talk to a person who speaks English!! I should not have to try to understand them to get help with my bill!! I think the CS people do not know how to find the problem of my bill being overcharged, They pass me off to someone who wants me to change my plan.

I do not want a new plan. I want to know what the bogus charges are for. I am about to change to a new cellular company. And I will bet US.Cellular could care less. They need CS Support so that we can understand and have knowledge of the monthly statements. And I bet I will not hear from U.S. Cellular about my complaint!!

•This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. My bill was always different, and it seemed like it was always in the company’s favor. Customer service always gave me a different reason, and never fixed it.It is all about the money with them!

•Normally I get awesome service from the reps. However, on Sun Oct 17 I got a Tier 2 “technical support”named Thomas. He was rude the last time I got him, and today was no different. He refused to listen to me, as I had to tell him SEVERAL times what my issue was, what I was seeing, and how long the issue has gone on. Instead, he was condescending, rude, and acted like he knew it all. I was so disgusted with his attitude I just hung up instead of getting more frustrated by his treatment. If I ever get him again, I’m going to ask for a different rep that has customer service skills, excuse he doesn’t.


How good is the US Cellular phone service?

Last Words

After reading through the numerous reviews, I would say you should look for another cell phone service to use. The mention of false promotions and advertisement was a reoccuring statement in all the sites I visited and I personally don’t think it’s worth finding out. If you still want to use U.S Cellular’s phone service after reading this article, please do. After all, no company is perfect and it seems like U.S Cellular has a lot of improvements to make.

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