6 Useful Apps for Android Devices

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As an Android user, whether you’re experienced or a newbie, the 3.5 million+ apps available in the Google Play Store can be quite overwhelming. As such, it would be understandable if you’re looking for a trusted guide to kick-start your collection, and that’s why we’ve provided this easy guide to get you started with some of the most useful apps for Android devices.

Now, note that the selection of apps we’ve included in this list isn’t even up to a fraction of the options in the Google Play Store. Additionally, we are aware that every Android user has different priorities ranging from work to music, movies, and other leisure activities. We kept this in mind when suggesting app options, and so we’ll advise that you pick based on what’s most important to you and disregard any apps that you don’t find important.

The 6 most useful apps for Android phones and tablets
Which of the most useful apps for Android phones and tablets?

Some useful apps for Android phones and devices

Often overlooked are the basic pre-installed apps like Gmail (for email), Chrome browser (for Web browsing), camera (for photography and video capture). There is also Maps (for navigation). We use these pre-installed apps hundreds of times every day. They are some of the most useful apps for Android devices. However, our list focuses on 3rd party apps that you have to install on your Android phone or tablet.

Best Organizer – Evernote

Android users in need of organization tools will benefit greatly from Evernote. This app serves as your to-do list manager, voice recorder, webpage clipper, and list maker; it’s essentially your all-around digital multi-tool. At first, it seems daunting, but you’ll soon realize there are countless ways to use it effectively. 

Optical character recognition (OCR), which enables text in photographs to be searched, is one of Evernote’s most preferred features. The next time you get handed a business card, just take a picture of it and Evernote will collect all the important details, making it searchable from all your devices, computers, and the internet. Evernote is easily one of the most useful apps for Android devices.

Best Password Manager – Dashlane

If you’re a security-conscious Android user, consider using a password manager. With the use of a password manager, you’ll be able to strengthen and manage your passwords effectively. These days, we subscribe to so many services, that remembering login details for all of them is impossible. This makes a password manager one of the most useful apps for Android phones.

Dashlane is a fantastic service in this regard, and it comes with a ton of features that lets you sync your passwords across macOS, Windows,  Android, and iOS devices. With features like an integrated VPN and a Dark Web scanner that searches for compromised accounts, Dashlane also makes it simple to reset outdated passwords and safeguard your identity online.

Best File Storage Tool and Mobile Office Suite – Google Drive

For Android users that often find themselves having to work on the go, you’ll love Google Drive. Google Drive offers more than just cloud storage; you can also create and edit files from your smartphone using the robust mobile office suite that is included in the app, in addition to synchronizing and storing your files. 

Even locally stored files on Drive can be viewed and edited offline. Google Drive may not be able to take the place of your desktop office programs, but you’ll find that it comes surprisingly close. Additionally, it makes sharing and collaborating on documents with others really easy independent of the platform.

Mobile Video Streaming – Netflix

For the Android users that double as binge-watchers, Netflix is one of the most useful apps for Android device. Netflix is the clear leader in mobile video streaming. It has a sizeable (albeit inconsistent) selection of TV episodes and films, as well as premium services like offline viewing and 4K streaming. 

By creating critically acclaimed original programs like Stranger Things, Black Mirror, The Crown, Narcos, and The OA to mention a few, Netflix has successfully set the bar high for streaming services. Even a respectable selection of anime films are available for streaming. Netflix is no longer simply for passing the time; it’s also for staying up to date on the latest hit shows.

Music Streaming – Spotify

On your Android smartphone, you can typically listen to music in a variety of ways. Spotify is one of such ways, combining a huge, diverse collection with crystal-clear, sharp music to deliver a winning product. 

You’ll also enjoy personalized mixes with your buddies thanks to collaborative playlists, and runners will appreciate the built-in beat-matching training options. It also boasts amazing multi-device functionality, enabling remote playback device switching. Spotify is the one to select if you just intend to utilize one streaming music service on your Android device.

Best Virtual Private Networks (VPN) – NordVPN

A wonderful work has been done by Google and mobile antivirus providers to keep Android (mostly) malware-free. However, it’s still possible that malicious persons could be intercepting all of your data when you connect to a public Wi-Fi network. 

Virtual private networks are crucial in this regard, and NordVPN is one of the best. Other entertaining antics a VPN can perform include viewing content that would normally be region-locked and obscuring your IP address from marketers.

Summarily, your interests as an Android user will typically differ from those of many other people. However, we’ve identified the most useful apps for Android devices, according to different interests.

Take a cue from our suggestions above and optimize your Android user experience with some or all of the apps described above; you can thank us later. Also, don’t forget to recommend this article to your friends and loved ones.

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