Where is the best place to buy ASUS Zenfone devices in the US?

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ASUS Zenfone is a largely unsung smartphone brand. While it has gained some more visibility and publicity in recent years because of its ROG gaming phones, the brand is still mostly niche. But it is one of those phone brands that make superior phones with character. So, if you want to buy ASUS Zenfone devices in the US, where do you go?

Like most niche brands, the main place to buy is the brand’s official website. Similar to the situation with OnePlus, you can buy ASUS Zenfone devices in the USA unlocked, directly from the online store on the manufacturer’s website [1]. That is the main sales channel maintained by the brand.

Where to buy ASUS Zenfone devices in the USA
ASUS Zenfone 9

Other places where you can buy ASUS Zenfone devices in the USA

In recent times, random ASUS Zenfone models have made it to the Amazon.com website, so you can look through there as well to see what is available per time.

Other options include eBay and other international online stores like Bang Good and AliExpress, among others. All of these stores ship to the USA.

List of ASUS Zenfone devices in the USA

Here is a list of ASUS Zenfone smartphones that are available officially in the United States from the company’s website (link at the end of this article).

  1. Zenfone 9: $649.99
  2. Zenfone 8: $499.99
  3. ROG Phone 6 Diablo Immortal Edition: $1,299.99
  4. ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition: $1,199.99
  5. ROG Phone 6 Pro: $1,299.99
  6. ROG Phone 6: $899.99 – $1,099.99
  7. ROG Phone 5s: $999.99


  1. ASUS Official Website (asus.com)
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