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Last Samsung Phones With Headphone Jack – 2023, 2024: The Super Guide

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Smartphones with Headphone Jacks in 2023
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The 3.5mm headphone jack is slowly becoming a rare feature in high-end and premium smartphones. This means that you are hunting for Samsung phones with headphone jack in 2024, you have to look at models below a certain price point. No high-end or premium flagship smartphones for you.

That is the price to pay for not wanting to move with the times. Personally, I prefer a headphone jack to Bluetooth connectivity for earphones and headphones. But the demigods at Apple and Samsung have decided that the 3.5mm headphone jack must be sacrificed to the gods. And so, here we are. Of course, the decision has been met with mixed reactions, as some users still prefer using wired headphones

Samsung phones with Headphone Jack in 2023

Samsung phones with headphone jack are becoming an endangered species.

Why did Samsung remove headphone jack in some of their phones?

Samsung decided to remove the headphone jack from some of their devices for a few reasons:

Space Efficiency: Removing the headphone jack allowed Samsung to make their devices thinner, thus improving handling and overall feel in the hand. It also freed up physical space inside the phone for more battery capacity and for other features.

User Trends: Samsung found that 70% of Galaxy S and Note owners didn’t use the headphone jack, as more people shift toward wireless earbuds. Why put the feature in if buyers were not using it?

Sustainability: Samsung believes that removing the headphones and charging brick from the box can help address the growing e-waste problem and unnecessary duplication of these items.

Whether you and I agree with the decision or not, we are in this situation today in which Samsung phones with headphone jack are fast going extinct, as you shall see when you have had a good look at the list below.

Does Samsung still make phones with headphone jack?

Yes, they do. However, there are not a lot of Samsung phones with headphone jack being made any more. 

Do any current Samsung phones have headphone jack?

If by current Samsung phones with headphone jack, you include models that were released in 2022, 2023, and 2024, the answer is a yes. 

List of 3.5 mm Samsung phones with headphone jack, 2023 and 2024

How many Samsung phones with headphone jack can you buy today? In compiling this list, I had to include models that were released in 2022 also, otherwise it would be a very limited list. That is how bad the situation is. The headphone jack is going extinct in smartphones.

  1. Samsung Galaxy A25 
  2. Samsung Galaxy A05s
  3. Samsung Galaxy A05
  4. Samsung Galaxy F34 5G
  5. Samsung Galaxy A14
  6. Samsung Galaxy A14 5G
  7. Samsung Galaxy A13
  8. Samsung Galaxy A13 5G
  9. Samsung Galaxy A24 4G
  10. Samsung Galaxy A23
  11. Samsung Galaxy A04
  12. Samsung Galaxy M14
  13. Samsung Galaxy A04s
  14. Samsung Galaxy A04e
  15. Samsung Galaxy A23 5G
  16. Samsung Galaxy M33
  17. Samsung Galaxy F14
  18. Samsung Galaxy F23
  19. Samsung Galaxy F13
  20. Samsung Galaxy M13
  21. Samsung Galaxy M23
  22. Samsung Galaxy M04
  23. Samsung Galaxy F04
  24. Samsung Galaxy M13
  25. Samsung Galaxy M13 5G
  26. Samsung Galaxy Xcover6 Pro
  27. Galaxy Xcover6 Pro

Somebody will scratch their head and say, “Mister Mobility, are you saying there are only 27 Samsung phones with headphone jack in 2024?” To which I shall reply, “Yes, and that is because I added 2022 models. Maybe I missed a few, but this is pretty much the complete list of Samsung phones with headphone jack from 2022 to 2024.”

The Samsung Galaxy A34 does not have headphone jack, and every other model above it does not have that feature either. Go with some of the new alternatives (discussed below) or stick to the above entry-level Samsung phones if you really want a headphone jack. Or buy an older high-end or premium model from 2021, 2020 or before.

The last Samsung phone with headphone jack in 2023 and 2024

Samsung phones with 3.5 mm jack

Which is the last Samsung phone with headphone jack?

If you are interested in knowing the last Samsung phone with headphone jack in 2024, I sorted that out for you as well. As at the time of this article, only eight Samsung phones with headphone jack have been released this year. Of those eighth, the latest one is the Samsung Galaxy F34 (with the Galaxy A05 and Galaxy A05s released later in October 2023).

Unfortunately, it is not available in most markets. The next one is Galaxy M34 5G, announced in July. If you cannot find that, you will have to settle for the Galaxy A24 4G as the latest Samsung phone with headphone jack; it is more widely available.

PS: January 2024 update: Samsung Galaxy A25 is now the last Samsung phone with headphone jack. 

The best Samsung phones with headphone jack are the Galaxy A25, A24 4G, and Galaxy A23 5G.

What to do if your Samsung phone doesn’t have an earphone jack

If you do not want any of the models in the above list of Samsung phones with headphone jack, and you want to know how you can use headphones if your model does not have an earphone jack, there are alternative ways.

Method 1. USB-C to 3.5mm Adapter

A USB-C to 3.5mm adapter does what it says – it connects your 3.5mm earphone to the USB-C port of your Samsung phone. Buy a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter and plug it t your phone, then your headphones into the adapter. This frees you to buy any of the other hundreds of Samsung phones that do not have a headphone jack. But be aware that there may be some performance issues when using such an adapter.

Method 2. USB-C wired headphones

Instead of getting a USB-C adapter, you should consider a USB-C wired earphone or headphone. In this case, instead of a 3.5mm port, the headphones have a USB-C end that plugs directly int your Samsung phone’s USB-C port.

For Samsung phones without headphone jack, you can use USB-C wired earphones

USB-C wired earphones

Method 3. Bluetooth Wireless headphones

I will let you into an open secret: Samsung prefers that you migrate from wired headphones to Bluetooth Wireless headphones. Of course, they also prefer that your Bluetooth earphones be a Galaxy Bud. Those are pricey though, and there are many other wireless earbuds from other brands that work as well, if not better. Feel free to shop around.

Over to you: are you going to buy any of the Samsung phones with headphone jack, or get one without and use one of the three alternative means of using earphones with it? How will you swing?

PS: Apple is the pioneer of this shift. You might also be interested in the last iPhones with headphone jack. If Samsung smartphones and iPhones are not your cup of tea, have a look at OnePlus phones with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

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