Can iPhones get viruses? How to keep your Apple smartphone safe

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Perhaps your iPhone is acting up and you are worried that it might be a virus. Perhaps you have wondered if an iPhone can get infected with a virus. Yes; it can. Viruses on iPhones are very rare but not impossible. Keep reading if you suspect your iPhone has a virus.

Fortunately for iPhone users, viruses on iphone are quite rare, like I said earlier. iPhones are generally secure but can get vulnerable to viruses when they are ‘jailbroken’. What is that?

Jailbreaking is simply unlocking an iphone in an illegitimate way. It bypasses the security restrictions that normally limit the operation of software on the device. This allows you to redesign how  the system looks and install or delete apps from places other than the app store.

Can iPhones get viruses?
Can iPhones get viruses? Yes; they can.

Jailbreaking does have a few perks but it leaves the phone vulnerable to malicious programmes and viruses. Apple’s operating system is designed so that each app runs separately making it difficult for viruses to spread. Also, all apps on iPhones can not be downloaded on sites. They are strictly downloadable from the app store, which makes it very difficult for any malware infected apps to end up available for download.

Do you think there is a virus on your iPhone?

1.Uninstall apps you do not recognize as they may be a sign of malware.

2.If your apps are repeatedly crashing for no reason it means your phone may be infected with malware.

3. If your iPhone overheats more than usual, this may be a sign of malware activity.

4.If all is well with your iPhone, you should not be seeing pop-ups when your browser is closed. Pop-ups that appear when your browser is closed are a sign of malware.

How to protect your iPhone from viruses

1.You can protect your phone with Kaspersky Security Cloud for iOS. Vital security enhancements are provided. It gives notifications about relevant security incidents and a tool that checks for weak system settings.

2.Strictly downloading apps from the app store will keep your phone safe.Apple has a thorough vetting process which makes contacting viruses highly unlikely.

3.Mark all spam emails as junk and avoid opening them and clicking unverified links that it may contain.

Deleting unfamiliar apps, clearing data and restoring factory settings after backing up filed may help remove the virus from your device but if all fails, it would be best to take it to a professional or simply get a new phone.

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