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How to Fix Unresponsive Touchscreen on Android Phones and Tablets

Avatar of Dun By Dun Jan18,2022
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Does your phone screen keep freezing up while you are doing something important on it? I have experienced it on one of my phones. Not to worry, I have a few tips you can use when your Android phone’s screen is unresponsive.

An unresponsive touchscreen can be caused by a software glitch, including a bug in the operating system, or malware. But it can also be caused by a hardware problem, for example an improperly applied screen protector or a display failure. Let’s look at some actions you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the situation.

How to handle unresponsive touchscreen on Android devices

Steps to resolve an unresponsive touchscreen

1. Reboot.

The first thing you should try if your screen freezes is reboot the phone. All you have to do is hold down the power button and the volume down button at the same time for a while until the screen turns black. After a minute or more, restart your Android device. In many cases, the touch screen will return to normal.

2. Screen protector.

Yes, screen protectors protect your phone from cracks, dust e.t.c, but they can also cause touch screen issues. Try removing your screen protector if your phone’s screen freezes up frequently. This doesn’t mean your screen protector is the cause of your screen problem. Removing the screen protector could increase the screen’s response rate.

3. SIM card or Memory card issues.

Issues with SIM card or memory card could cause your phone to freeze up. Try turning off your phone, ejecting the memory or sim card and then turning your device back on. This could solve the problem.

4. EVA Facial Mouse.

If all the tips above haven’t solved your touch screen problem, then this app will let you use your phone without touching it. It uses a virtual cursor and facial recognition technology. It has a feature where you move your device in any direction and your phone screen moves in that direction too.

5. Install an Anti-virus app.

If your phone screen is unresponsive you might have caught a virus or installed a malicious app and this could lead to an unresponsive screen touch. You need to kill or remove the virus to fix your phone. You should also install Anti-virus app to prevent virus from infesting your phone.

Where all else fails, take your smartphone to the nearest authorised service centre to you for the unresponsive touchscreen to be checked and fixed.

If nothing works

If none of the steps you have taken above to fix the unresponsive touchscreen works, it is likely that you are dealing with a display fault – a hardware issue that needs to be attended to by a qualified technician. If the Android phone in question is still under warranty, you might be able to get it fixed at no charge to you. Of not, it is time for you to shell out some cash to get the unresponsive screen fixed.

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