Very soon, there will be no need to own a car

Sometime in the near future, car ownership will become non-essential. We spell out why and how it will happen. Buckle up for the ride!

This may sound like a presumptuous thing to say, but it is the future. It will happen. In a matter of time, there will be no need for most people to own a car. Car ownership will become non-essential.

car ownership versus ride services

All those costs of acquiring a car, fuelling it daily and maintaining it, will become unnecessary. And you will be able to save tons of cash while at it too. And you will be able to move around freely just as if you owned a car. Plus, there will be a driver thrown in for good measure. Let’s call it private car as a service.

But there’s a more popular name it is already called – a ride hailing service. Or on-demand ride services. Uber. Taxify. AfroCab. Yes; those services.

Before you tell attached me, “Are you for real?!”, give me a few minutes of your time.

The fees that ride hailing services charge now are amazingly low. You can take a ride from. Ikeja to Yaba for about N1,000 only. For shorter distances in Lagos, you will easily pay N600.

On-demand Ride Services Versus Car Ownership

Notice how the fare is gradually inching downwards towards what the average Abuja residence pays for cab rides. On-demand cab ride services are dirt cheap already and will get even cheaper. Plus, there is an abundance of available rides these days when you request for one.

So, think about it: you get a private car and a driver on demand at rock bottom prices. Once these services hit a sweet spot in terms of fares, it will only be a matter of time before most people – perhaps yourself inclusive – will find that there is no need to purchase and own a car anymore.

That day will come. The extremely rich will continue to own cars, but the vast majority of low and middle class people will find that car ownership is no longer essential.



  1. Having the e-hailing services command lower prices is a good thing from the rider’s perspective, but nothing beats a car ownership. Having to quickly dash out to get groceries, water, etc is way more convenient if I drive my own car.

    On the flip side, I do feel so much pity for the e-hailing drivers. Surulere to Ikeja at about N1,000 isn’t a thing that gives joy in the present day Naija.

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