An easy guide on hot to delete your Telegram account completely.

Want To Delete Your Telegram Account Permanently? Follow This Easy Guide

No matter how awesome an app is, or how acclaimed it is by others, you might find yourself in a position in which you decide that it is in your best interest to discontinue using that app and so choose to delete your account. If, for any reason, you want to delete your Telegram account, you are well within your rights to want that.


Telegram allows you to delete your account, but not the way you are probably used to with most other apps and services. Instead of deleting your account right away, it allows you to set a period of inactivity, after which your account is permanently deleted automatically. Here is how to do it.

Steps To Take To Delete Your Telegram Account

Open the Telegram app, and go to the Settings. Select Privacy & Security, and find the section that says, Delete my account. Select the shortest period listed in the drop-down menu. That should be 1 month. The idea is that if you do not come online on Telegram within that period, your account will be permanently deleted along with your messages and contacts.

How to delete your Telegram account
You can delete your Telegram account in the app Settings

The default setting is 6 months, and you can modify it as you please. Selecting the shortest period there is the expedient option, though, if you are resolved to delete your account. After selecting 1 month, now delete/uninstall your Telegram account from your phone and from everywhere else (laptop, PC, etc) that you use it. Why? So that you are completely offline on Telegram from that time. In exactly a month, your Telegram account will be deleted.

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