Etisalat Nigeria 4G is now live in select locations

Posted by Mister Mobility

It is raining 4G LTE in Nigeria. Your head must be swimming now if you haven’t lost count of 4G LTE networks in the country now. Etisalat is the latest right after Glo a few days ago. Say hello to Etisalat Nigeria 4G LTE.

Etisalat Nigeria say their 4G LTE band is 1800 and the speed is between 25Mbps and 100Mbps. The network also says that, unlike with the competition, you do not need to swap your existing Etisalat SIM cards. Apparently, Etisalat launched with 4G-ready SIM cards in the country. 

It looks like the Etisalat Nigeria 4G service hasn’t been activated at my location. When I put my SIM in a compatible phone, it doesn’t connect to the 4G network though Etisalat 4G network is listed as available when I do a manual network search. 

However, other Etisalat subscribers across Lagos are reporting being able to connect. Have an Etisalat SIM and a 4G LTE smartphone that supports Etisalat Nigeria 4G frequency? Give it a shot and let us know how it goes. 


  1. Getting 4G, but as always, with one bar or two, just like when it is on 3G or less (since the advent of Etisalat (Nigeria) in my neighborhood. ).

    Unusable here.

  2. At my end, MTN 4G signal is good. Same for Smile. Ntel is sometimes good, sometimes bad. Etisalat is yet to be on. Glo doesn’t exist yet either.

  3. So there’s this thing about bands and frequencies which seem to be important when we talk about 4G LTE in Nigeria. My excitement for Glo 4G LTE waned when I discovered my Boom J8 wasn’t in the same band as Glo’s 4G. MTN seem to be the one that will work on it(it’s yet to be activated here in Benin). Mr. Mo it would be great if an extensive article is made for better understanding so people don’t rush to buy just about any 4G LTE phone they see thinking it’s compatible with all Nigerian networks. I’ve already started educating my friends. Lol.

  4. Etisalat 4G seems a fraud. How can you launch 4G LTE and tell us all Etisalat SIM cards already 4G LTE compliant? Is it the SIM card or phones that are compliant depending on the 4G LTE frequency band? What is Etisalat’s 4G frequency band?

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