2017 is the year in which Nokia smartphones will be back in the market. Nokia has been on a smartphone sabbatical since it sold its

What fans expect a 2017 Nokia flagship to be like

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2017 is the year in which Nokia smartphones will be back in the market. Nokia has been on a smartphone sabbatical since it sold its mobile division to Microsoft. That sabbatical is about to end and fans of the legendary mobile brand are brimming with excitement about seeing a 2017 Nokia flagship.

Nokia will likely release a few phones, including a flagship device. A flagship device is essential to generating and sustaining buzz around a mobile brand.

We have done a little research of our own, as well as spoken with a handful of fans. Here are things you can expect from the 2017 Nokia flagship.

Expected Minimum Specs of 2017 Nokia flagship

  1. Android 7 Nougat: If Nokia wants to make a splash, make it with the latest software. Nokia is returning with phones running Android OS this time. Naturally, it has to be Nougat or it is a no go.
  2. Metal unibody: Expect a departure from everything that will tie Nokia to its Windows Phone years. Polycarbonate shells are one of them. The 2017 Nokia flagship will sport a metal body.
  3. 5.5-inch display: Nothing less than a 5.5-inch display will do. Throw in 2.5D glass and Gorilla Glass 4, and its a wrap.
  4. Snapdragon 821: An octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor will be super. Some leaked info have suggested Snapdragon 820. That would be a bit outdated by mid-2017, so…
  5. 4G RAM: That should do, but brands are growing crazy with bigger amounts of RAM as a marketing point, so perhaps Nokia might want to try that route too.
  6. 32 GB internal storage: No flagship from a brand like Nokia should even consider anything less on a flagship. If Nokia puts in 64 GB or 128 GB, whooooa!/li>
  7. 3,000 mAh battery: The expected minimum viable battery capacity of a 5.5-inch device is 3,000 mAh. Anything less and you’re asking to become permanently plugged into a socket.
  8. Zeiss lens Nokia has had a hold on smartphone camera performance since the Nokia N90/95. Their partnership with Zeiss lens is part of the deal. So, we are expecting a Zeiss lens on this camera. And we are expecting the camera to beat the 808 PureView and Lumia 1020. Those guys need a replacement like yesterday.
    2017 Nokia flagship
  9. Xenon flash: Those of us who know how superb Xenon flash is have been pining away. We want Xenon flash back on smartphones. Nokia cameraphones and Xenon flash were a match made in heaven. Please, bring back our Xenon.
  10. Maps: HERE Maps no longer belongs to Nokia, so we are expecting that Nokia will go with just Google Maps
  11. Health Apps: Expect to see a slew of health applications and services built into the phones. Why? Nokia has been investing in health apps and services quite a bit in recent times.
  12. Fast charge: It only makes sense; right?
  13. NFC: Nokia was at the fore-front of NFC in smartphones. We expect that they will continue with that trend and include applications that utilise the technology too
  14. Fingerprint Scanner: You were probably wondering what the heck is wrong with this man because you hadn’t seen a mention of fingerprint scanner on this list; weren’t you? Gotcha! A 2017 flagship smartphone without fingerprint scanner? What sort of flagship would that be? Expect on one the expected 2017 Nokia flagship

What do you think? Does the above list represent what you would expect of a 2017 Nokia flagship? Share your thoughts. Do share the article.

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  1. Well, my eyes are getting old, but did I see water_resist in the above list?

    Nokia was known for rugged phones. How rugged would they be in this new coming without giving us freedom to go swim with it in our pocket in the Atlantic ocean in the middle of the night?

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