The first Dual-SIM iPhone is on the way; Joy to the world!

Once upon a time, the idea of a large iPhone was ridiculous. Apple said it would never happen, because nobody needed one. But it happened. Another idea that is long overdue is that of an iPhone with dual-SIM support. No matter what anyone tells you, people love their dual-SIM phones and we shall welcome the first Dual-SIM iPhone shortly. Here is why.

People in the markets that Apple is now trying to get a chunk of love having two SIM cards in their phones. We Markets like India and China. Markets all over Asia, South America, and Africa. Those territories are dual-SIM territories. If Apple wants to sell there, they have to eat humble pie and make an iPhone with dual-SIM card slots.

Do you remember when a dual-SIM BlackBerry did not exist? Well, BlackBerry Ltd eventually made one, and for similar reasons to why Apple has to embrace dual-SIM feature in their phones.

When Will We See The First dual-SIM iPhone?

first dual-SIM iphone on the way
It is very likely that it will happen this year of our Lord, 2018. 9to5Mac reports that they found references to dual-SIM support in iOS 12 developer beta 5. Here is an excerpt from the report:

A component of the system responsible for the generation of diagnostic reports includes new references to “second SIM status” and a “second SIM tray status”. Another component references a “dual sim device”. Those references are clearly an indication that iOS is being updated to run in a future device with support for two SIM cards, as seen in the screenshot below. The mention of a “second sim tray” indicates it would in fact have two physical SIM cards instead of a regular one and an e-SIM as the second.

That is pretty much all the confirmation that anyone needs. The first dual-SIM iPhone is on the way. It won’t be long now. Joy to the world!


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