GoTV ads appear on BBM; What next?

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Placing ads on BBM are one of the ways BlackBerry planned to monetize the app. So far, I’ve seen some ads pop-up on my BBM (Android version) app. First to surface was the ad for Onavo Count Data Manager. Mind you, these ads appear in the updates section of the app.

This morning, scrolling down my updates, I was greeted with ads by GoTV ads (see screenshot). It is quite impressive finding local ads on BBM. Hopefully maybe in time, we can get to see more local brands using BBM as a medium for placing ads. I only pray it is not abused and bastardized, because if the ads become overly intrusive and annoying, I’ll quit BBM. Simple!!

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  1. BB must not allow too many adds on their BBM in the name of making money.This will make nonsense of the purpose of BBM.They should remember that they have competitors.

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