How to get WhatsApp on your iPad

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Most of us use WhatsApp to communicate with our friends, family, and coworkers. It is accessible on all popular mobile platforms, and there is also a web version. However, there’s no direct way to get WhatsApp on your iPad. Currently, WhatsApp does not have a native iPad client. And, while reports indicate that the company is working on one, there is no official word on when it will be available.

In this article, I’ll show you how to get WhatsApp on your iPad. This service allows you to share and receive messages, pictures, and videos by connecting your iPhone (or Android device’s) WhatsApp account and forwarding messages to your iPad.

Here's how you can get WhatsApp on your iPad to enjoy better interactions

How to Get WhatsApp on Your iPad Through WhatsApp Web

With the help of WhatsApp Web, you can use a web browser on any device to access your WhatsApp account. It allows you to connect up to four devices (aside from your primary phone) and use them to send and receive messages from your WhatsApp account even when the primary device isn’t connected to the internet.

Linking a device through WhatsApp Web requires a one-time setup. Here’s how you can get WhatsApp on your iPad through WhatsApp Web.

Step 1: Link your iPad to your WhatsApp account.

  • First, connect your iPad to your WhatsApp account. So, on your iPad, launch Safari and navigate to WhatsApp Web. Any other browser would suffice, but we prefer Safari because it allows us to add a shortcut to a website to the Home Screen for quick access, which we’ll need later.
  • On your primary phone, launch WhatsApp. It could be either an Android or an iPhone. Go to the Settings app, select Linked Devices, and then tap on Link a Device.
  • If you’re using an Android phone, tap the ellipsis button in the top-right corner, then select Linked Devices and then Link a device.
  • Authenticate your identity using a PIN or biometrics depending on the device you’re using and the authentication method you have in place.
  • Finally, using your primary device, scan the QR code that appears on the WhatsApp Web page. Wait for WhatsApp to download your messages; your iPad should now be linked to your WhatsApp account.

Step 2: Use the WhatsApp Web page on your iPad

You can get WhatsApp on your iPad immediately after connecting the device to your WhatsApp account. All you have to do is launch Safari (or your preferred browser) and navigate to the WhatsApp Web page. Allow it to finish loading your conversations, and you should see all of your old and new messages.

Step 3: Create a WhatsApp Web Shortcut on Your iPad’s Home Screen

Although it requires a few steps, launching Safari and going to the WhatsApp website works perfectly. Another option is to create a quick-access shortcut on one of your iPad’s Home Screen pages to access WhatsApp Web. Though this is optional, we strongly advise you to do so because it will make it easier to access WhatsApp on your iPad, and it will save you time.

  • On your iPad, open WhatsApp Web in Safari, tap the Share icon in the toolbar at the top, and then choose Add to Home Screen from the context menu to add the shortcut.
  • When you click Add in the Add to Home Screen pop-up, the shortcut will appear on your Home Screen with an app-like icon.
  • When you want to use WhatsApp on your iPad, just tap the shortcut on whichever Home Screen page you find most convenient. You can view new messages and respond to them from there, among other things.

What Limitations Will You Face If You Get WhatsApp on Your iPad?

Once your iPad and WhatsApp account are connected, WhatsApp will import all of your messages to your iPad using E2E encryption.

From here, you can see a list of all your conversations, start new chats, groups, or communities, send messages, see new messages, and see people’s statuses. However, there are a few limitations to consider if you get WhatsApp on your iPad.

  • There are some operations you can’t carry out on WhatsApp Web on your iPad such as accepting or making voice or video calls, adding a status, and permanently deleting a message or conversation. 
  • Similarly, you can’t look for a message older than a few months. 
  • Furthermore, WhatsApp does not currently support browser notifications. As a result, to see if there are any new messages, you must return to the tab.

Summarily, hope this guide helped you understand how to get WhatsApp on your iPad. Follow the instructions to enjoy added communication options on your iPad device.

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