HP Buys Palm – Hurray!!

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Finally, all the speculations about potential buyers for Palm Inc. have been laid to rest as HP has announced that they are purchasing the troubled mobile manufacturer for $1.2 billion.
It would have been a sad day to see Palm just die out and fizzle away. With HP’s acquisition, we are excited and hopeful that we will see a new crop of WebOS devices. HP has traditionally been a producer of monoblock QWERTY mobile smartphones – a form factor that Palm and WebOS are known for.

This acquisition looks like a marriage made in heaven. And hopefully, unlike Palm, HP will put more effort into getting its smartphones in the hands of enthusiasts around the world.


  1. HP is not know for being a serious player in the mobile phone business. Check out the ipaq series. While they are cool smartphones, the model looks frozen in time due to low marketing and slow pace of innovation and change. HP is almost ‘lazy’ about it.

    I hope this $1 billion purchase will change all that.

  2. I am kind of sad at this purchase. Though I love that the Palm inc. has finally been bought, I was hoping that HTC would have bought it. When i learnt that HTC refused the offer to buy palm last week, you could imagine how downtrodden i felt. I agree with archie that HP does not have a strong mobile phone offering. I hope the I+ Billion dollars acquisition fee will make tham change their mind. And HP should start competing aggressively in the highly competitive world of smart-phones. The more the players, the better for us consumers!

  3. Rumour on the web has it that HP has cancelled the development and production of their upcoming HP Slate. If anyone could recall earlier this year, that the HP’s Slate tablet was announced briefly during Steve Ballmer’s keynote at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Microsoft has been working with HP to produce a windows 7 tablet.

    Perhaps the cancelling of the tablet has coincided too much with the purchase of PAlm inc and its webOS by Hp. Perhaps this is not just a coincidence. Just maybe there is now an HP tablet in the making with the webos instead of windows 7. Windows 7 OS is more attuned to mouse clicking than mullti-touch. THe WEBOS on the contrary was built with a touchscreen and multi-touch input in mind. From the ground up.

    Just inferentially thinking!

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