I like the new, humbler Apple

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I never thought that I would ever see this day – a humbler Apple that speaks and acts in tune with reality. Perhaps the Reality Distortion Field was solely a Steve Jobs legacy, and now that the guy is gone, the distortion can fade off.

First, you are probably aware that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook offered an apology for the mess that Apple Maps is, and encouraged users to try Bing, Google Maps, and Nokia Maps. In my opinion, Steve Jobs must have knee-jerked in his grave and foamed a bit in the mouth from that. Well, here’s another interesting bit: 9to5mac reports that Apple initially described apple Maps as “the most powerful mapping service ever” on their website, but have now removed that statement and replaced it with, “All in a beautiful vector-based interface that scales and zooms with ease.” Here is a visual comparison of what was and what now is:

apple Maps Recant

Anyway, I like Tim Cook. I really do. I like the new Apple. In the days of Jobs, we would have been told that we were somehow using the Maps wrong, and the superlatives would defiantly stay in our faces. Tim Cook is an example of a great guy!

Look, I’m betting that Steve Jobs is plotting a resurrection as we speak, and he will be back to take back the helms of the company. Apple does not apologise. ever. Apple does not back down. Ever. They are god’s special gift to humanity, and it is unacceptable for them to defer to the wisdom and sentiments of lesser mortals! At this rate, perhaps Apple will eat humble pie enough to even use the “Beta” tag on one or two products someday. Perhaps also, someday, Apple will be compelled to remove that outlandish claim of iOS being the world’s most advanced mobile OS. Yes; I can like to dream; right? Or, perhaps, Apple will upgrade iOS to have features that its competitors have had for ages, so as to perhaps truly qualify for the title. With Tim Cook at the helms, all of a sudden, that doesn’t sound like an impossibility any more.

All sing: “For Tim’s a jolly good fellow…”


  1. lol. I love it when apple eats their words. This is a good one. Its those lies, like calling the iPhone5 the thinnest smartphone, that annoys me.

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