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Without contest, Apple’s iPad is the world’s most successful and most popular tablet device. It has outsold every other single tablet by any other manufacturer, and it has outsold many of them combined together. Yet, while it remains a popular choice, there are several notable iPad alternatives available in the tablet market.

The iPad enjoys the exclusivity of being the only tablet that runs iPadOS software. All the available alternatives run either Android OS or Windows OS. Bear this in mind when shopping. If you have a software preference, be sure to ask and make sure you buy a tablet that uses that software.

Explore Apple iPad alternatives
Explore Apple iPad alternatives

The Top iPad Alternatives

Here are some of the best iPad alternatives you can buy today.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung is the world’s biggest Android device manufacturer and in many markets, it is the closest contender to Apple’s devices. As such, the Galaxy Tab range is one of the most solid iPad alternatives you can explore. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G (which was the world’s first 5G tablet), Samsung Galaxy Tab Lite 2022 and others like them offer a stunning Super AMOLED display, powerful hardware, and an included S Pen for note-taking and drawing.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G__- first 5g tablet
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G is one of the iPad alternatives from Samsung

Lastly, Samsung has the widest range of tablets for you to pick from. No other manufacturer has that range. There is literally a Samsung tablet for every size and price point.

Microsoft Surface

If you want a capable tablet that runs Windows operating system, Microsoft Surface tablets offer great versatility and functionality that make them ideal for productivity and creative tasks. Content creators, in particular, will find them to be excellent tools on the job. An examples is the Surface Pro 7. Microsoft also has foldable Surface devices in their product catalog. A case in point is the Surface Duo 2. Microsoft Surface devices are pricey, but then you just might find that every dollar is well spent.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2
The Surface Duo 2 is one of the available iPad alternatives from Microsoft

Lenovo Tab

Lenovo makes a range of Android-powered tablets with high quality displays, impressive performance, and support for the Lenovo Precision Pen, the brand’s take on stylus. Lenovo tablets are known for their premium designs and multimedia capabilities. Examples of iPad alternatives from Lenovo are the Tab M9, Lenovo Tab P11 Pro 2, and Lenovo Tab Extreme.

Google Pixel Tab

Google’s first foray into tablet territory was not quiet the success that they hoped it would be. Released in 2018, the Pixel Slate was a Chrome OS tablet that had a sharp display, excellent speakers, and compatibility with a detachable keyboard and stylus for enhanced productivity. It is history now, bot Google has only recently announced the Pixel Tablet in May 2023. This one runs Android operating system. If you want a foldable, the Google Pixel Fold is also new in the market.

Google Pixel Fold

Amazon Fire HD

The Fire HD range of products is Amazon’s iPad alternatives. They are not the most powerful tablets around, but if hunting for affordable, value-driven tablets, this is where to look. Amazon tablets include: Amazon Fire HD 8 (2022) and Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus (2021).

When choosing an iPad alternative, consider factors such as operating system preference, desired features, performance, ecosystem compatibility, and budget. Each alternative offers its own strengths and caters to specific user requirements, so it’s essential to assess your needs to find the best fit for you.

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