JBL Charge 3 Wireless Speaker Review: It Packs A Punch

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At first sight, the JBL Charge 3 wireless speaker is impressive. It just comes across as something that oozes power. This well crafted audio cylinder looks the part of a tool that mean business. So, we took it for a spin.

Either ends of the tube are the locations of the woofers – and some serious ones they are. But we will come to those later. The speaker sits horizontally. At the top are carved buttons – skip, volume up, random, power, volume down, and Bluetooth pairing.

jbl charge3 wireless speaker back flap

The red JBL logo is on the front of the speaker. On the rear side is a flap labelled “Charge3”. Open it to reveal a number of connectivity ports, namely (from left to right): 3.5mm audio port, standard micro-USB charging port, and lastly, a USB port.

jbl charge 3 review - bluetooth speaker cable ports

JBL Charge 3 Wireless Speaker Review: Setting Up

The startup sequence gives you a hint of what to expect from this wireless speaker model. Press and hold the Bluetooth icon styled button till you see the power light start to blink blue. That’s when it is ready for pairing. Open the Bluetooth menu on your phone, tap “Add new device”. You should see “JBL Charge 3” listed there. Tap on the name to complete the pairing. Once paired, you are ready to be wowed by this sculpture-like tube.

JBL Charge 3 Wireless Speaker: Proper Party Animal

Bass is deep, sound clarity is great, and the volume is amazing. The speaker simply wows in terms of quality. Those side woofers at either ends of the cylinder are amazing.

end of JBL Charge 3 wireless speaker

No surprise too. It costs about N60,000 in the market. If you pay that amount for a wireless speaker, it better deliver great audio. The Charge 3 delivers on that. This is a proper party animal: simply invite friends over and have a party with this speaker pumping out the beats. Be careful not to be a nuisance to the neighbours though.

Parties aside, fellow gadget enthusiast, Gbenro Ogundipe, told me that the JBL Charger “works very well as a conference device for Group Skype and SFB calls”. According to him, its built-in mic doesn’t pick up its own sound, a critical factor when evaluating conferencing gear.

jbl charge3 wireless speaker front

So, if you need a solid speaker for those Skype conference calls, this is as good as any. That is it on this JBL Charge 3 review.

Where To Buy JBL Charge 3 Wireless Speaker

You can buy either this wireless speaker or the smaller, JBL Harman Flip 4 model from Swot Solutions. They are based inside Computer Village at Ikeja, Lagos and they will deliver to you as well, if that’s what you want. Call 08022891860 to reach them. The JBL Charge3 costs N60,000, while the JBL Harman Flip 4 model costs N40,000.

If shopping in the USA, the JBL Charge 3 Wireless Speaker is available for $112 on the Amazon website. In Canada, it costs CA$179.99. UK residents can pick it up for £187.77 on the Amazon UK website. For AUS$285.70, Australians can order one.

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