5 Features That Will Improve Amazon Echo And Google Home

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We are all aware of the amazing features both Amazon Echo and Google Home have. They are voice controlled devices that process your commands through a virtual assistant. With either device, you can play music, operate your air conditioner, call an Uber, and more. I personally have Amazon Echo; the main device is in my living room, while the Dots are in various other rooms.

These devices are a by-product of incredible technological advancement and the internet. A high speed and reliable internet connection can constantly connect you to the virtual world and make these devices even more productive. Add-ons include TV and telephone packages that are both affordable and of high quality. You can make either your Amazon Echo or Google Home more productive with Comcast’s high-speed internet.

Every now and then, tech experts suggest enhancements to already existing products. Everything has room for improvement, after all. And sometimes, it needs an outsider’s keen eye to actually pinpoint those areas of needed improvement. As such, here are the five things that we think should be incorporated into Amazon Echo and Google Home to make them even more interactive and helpful.

IR or Infra-red Blasters

Many think that infra-red technology has become obsolete and isn’t useful any more, but in reality, there are still several applications of it. Indeed, we believe it should be implemented into Amazon Echo and Google Home. IR blasters are particular devices that allow you to control all the remote control devices with infra-red autonomously, rather than of those remote controls.

Right now, it is possible for Echo and Home to control the TV, but a third party device is required. But with mounted 360 degrees IR blasters installed in Echo and Home, the smart speakers could locally control all the entertainment systems and heating/cooling devices.

Echo and Home are naturally placed at in places where it can easily access and control devices using its infrared port. Giving the command of turning the AC on or off could trigger a broadcast IR code that would do as you say.

This IR blaster may require a whole new scheme to be implemented, as it’s not a small task. Companies like Logitech Harmony and Universal Remote Control are trying to make their devices to be compatible with almost every device. It is a whole new level to achieve, and we wish that Echo and Home could reach that level as well.

A Dedicated App for Music and Smart Home Functions

The current home and Alexa apps are actually so stuffed and even unusable for daily use sometimes. Right now, Echo and Home are doing fine; they can easily play music and control lights. But if we ask them to control a few automated devices, it is quite a task for them. And its built-in functions are so bloated that it won’t allow them to do so.

In order to make them even more efficient, a few dedicated apps will do. A dedicated app for the smart home ecosystem will provide you full access and control its functions. And it would be great to have a desktop app too.

Mesh Networking

Mesh networking is a type of topology where local network nodes connect to as many other nodes as possible and even cooperate with each other to route the data to clients.

Eero and Netgear’s Orbi are popular because they are efficient enough to easily flood an area with Wi-Fi faster than a reliable broadcast from a single point. Mesh networking in Echo and Home could be a great plus for both devices. Mesh networking would greatly increase the market potential for both products.

A 3.5mm Optical Output

I have several Dots installed which work fine. But of course, it is human nature to want more than we already have. Right now, it wouldn’t make any large difference in the quality of audio of both devices because they stream at a very low bit rate. But if they decide to go for high-quality audio, this would be a great addition to the hardware.

Better Security and Privacy

Lastly, we all have seen the news regarding how Amazon Echo can record a private conversation and send it out. The same thing happened with Google Home Mini – a bug caused the device to record everything and send it back to Google. There should be customized options regarding how Google Home and Amazon Echo process and handle recorded data.

Privacy is a major concern in this connected world where every little thing is connected to a larger network. A thorough eye towards the privacy controls of these devices would greatly benefit their sales. A single bug can lead to a gross invasion of one’s privacy. As such, a better level of security to protect the privacy of the users will do wonders for these products.

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