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6 Skills You Can Learn with Your Smartphone

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Nowadays, just about everyone owns a smartphone, and they have become an essential part of our lives and one of our best friends. It’s hard to find something that smartphones don’t do. These technological advancements can take care of our everyday needs, give us access to the information we need almost instantly, and even allow us to get scholarship essay help on the go.

Besides, there are a variety of apps coming out each month that can teach you plenty of exciting skills. From drawing to coding, cooking to yoga, you can use your smartphone to expand your skill set and improve yourself in no time. Here are some great apps that are worth checking out.

6 Skills You Can Learn with Your Smartphone

Learn a new language

There are plenty of language-learning apps to choose from – Memrise, Duolingo, Busuu, Hi Native, Babbel, Hello Talk and others. Your decision should be determined by the specific language you want to learn and the learning method you prefer to use. Most apps cover the most popular languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese but there are apps targeted towards a particular language.

Duolingo is one of the best apps to learn a language for beginners. It is free, you can choose from a plenty of languages, and the lessons are fun. You can train your skills in speaking, reading, listening, and writing and the lessons are short so you can devote to your studies 5 or 10 minutes a day.

Learn to code

Coding skills are among the Top Tech Skills In High Demand For 2018 but, unfortunately, the majority of us didn’t have the opportunity to learn these skills traditionally. Such apps as Udacity and SoloLearn will allow anyone to learn coding skills outside the classrooms. If you are a beginner, you can check Udacity where you can find lots of video tutorials. The content is free and there are also games and quizzes.

Learn to draw

Would you like to become a sketch artist? You can easily learn to draw using your smartphone if you install an app that is called How To Draw. You will be able to learn how to sketch different objects. The app offers a lot of various exercises to work through. You can draw on a standard paper with a pen or on the screen with a stylus or a finger.

Learn to cook

Of course, having a smartphone is not enough to learn to cook because you will also need pots and pans. But if you have the necessary ingredients and the utensils, an app such as SideChef will quickly teach you to cook. You will get access to plenty of interesting recipes and will be able to take advantage of step-by-step instructions for many cases.

Learn yoga

Pocket Yoga is a free app that will offer you lots of exercises to choose from. They differ in difficulty and duration. But you may simply select the exercises you really enjoy doing. The app is suitable for complete beginners and for people who are already good at yoga. You will be able to have your yoga session whenever you want.

Learn to play a musical instrument

Are you fond of listening to music? Then why not learn to play the guitar or the piano and impress other people? You can use Yousician. The app is suitable for any skill level, and it covers guitar, piano, ukulele, and bass. The app will guide you as you play your real instrument and provide feedback as it listens to you play the instrument. Although the app is free for iPhone and Android users, you will need to pay for using most of its features.

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