Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard To Recover Your Lost Files

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What Is Data Recovery? The process of restoring lost, corrupted, deleted or inaccessible data is known as data recovery. In IT word data recovery refers to restoration of data to digital device such as pc, laptop, and mobile phone or from server or external storage from a backup.

EaseUS Data Recovery

This data recovery wizard was created by EaseUS, in 2004, both for Microsoft Windows and Apple for getting back lost data easily. EaseUS data recovery wizard is used to recover data from storage devices such as memory cards, universal serial bus (USB’s) and others similar devices. It is user-friendly software, as the name “EaseUS” informs us, as that every single user can easily run it. Following is a list of storage devices from which data can be recovered through EaseUS:

  • Hard disk drive
  • External hard driver
  • USB
  • SD card
  • Digital camera
  • iPhone
  • Androids
  • Smart phones
  • PC/laptop
  • CD/DVD

How to Operate EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS is very simple to use and have very basic steps, explained as follow:>

  1. Launch: the user opens his/her device and launches the EaseUS recovery wizard.
  2. Scan: the storage device is than scanned thoroughly from laptop, pc, memory card, flash drives with the help of EaseUS recovery wizard and it identifies lost data it has been commanded to find and recover.
  3. Recover: the lost data is then recovered with help of EaseUS saving the user from a lot of inconvenience.
  • Deleted Recovery: retrieve or recover lost data due to accidental deletion by “shift-delete” or from the recycle bin.
  • Partition loss: retrieve or recover lost data due to system/windows re-installation or due to re-partition.
  • Hard Drive/Format recovery: retrieve data from a formatted storage device such as memory card, flash drive and hard drive etc.
  • Disaster recovery: retrieve data lost due to natural calamities such as earthquake, tornadoes which damages the storage devices.

Paid/Free Trial

There are two versions of EaseUS data recovery software, the paid version and the free version. In free version you have about 1GB recover able data along with basic tutorial and helpful information where as in full version you can recover a large number of data along with complete tutorial and intensive helpful material so that the user can take full advantage of the recovery wizard.


Before recovering the lost data the user should always know that not all data can be recovered and there are limitations to it i.e. a data can be recovered from a storage device as long as it is not overwritten or fully corrupted by a virus. Some other reasons from which data recovery is sometimes not possible are:

  • The storage device is severely damaged and is far from being repaired.
  • Missing storage location.
  • Lost files that were heavily infected due to virus such as Trojan, which makes the data irrecoverable.
  • Physically damaged storage device that the system maybe unable to read.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if you have lost important information/family pictures/office files, you can recover it by using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard easily and effectively and in short period of time without taking help from someone.

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