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How to Print from Android Phone via USB

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Print from Android Phone
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So, you bought an Android phone which supports USB host. In most cases, you will be able to connect it to a PC for transferring files and to a printer for printing documents or images through a USB cable. Sometimes, this may not possible due to some technical glitch or incompatibility. If you cannot directly print from Android phone via USB, then check this post, which will help you in doing that efficiently.

You may know that the USB host (the device that supports USB compatibility) is available on Android 4 and higher versions. This functionality makes a lot easier to finish some of the tasks.

For example, in earlier days, users were needed to connect their Android phones to a computer system for copying documents and images. Then only they became able to print those files by connecting the PC to a printer. But today, the users can easily print their required data from Android phones by directly connecting it to a printer via USB.

Print from Android Phone via USB cable

Printing Directly from Android Phone via USB

If your phone is USB compatible, but still if you can’t print through a USB cable, then follow the steps below to make it happen.

Step-1: Take Backup

First of all, take the backup of your files, documents, images, etc. on ‘Google Cloud.’ It is a free and reliable place to keep your data secured. You can access the data stored on ‘Cloud’ anytime anywhere from your Android device or PC. Taking this step will make sure that you will not lose any of your data if anything goes wrong.

This step is optional but recommended.

Step-2: Install App from PlayStore

There are bunches of applications which are handy for printing from your Android device via USB. You can choose from the specific printer brand apps like HP Smart, Epson iPrint, Samsung Mobile Print, Canon Print Service, etc. You can also use the Google Cloud Print app if your printer is connected with the application.

There are also some favourite third-party apps like PrinterShare Premium Key, StarPrint, etc. which will help to make your printing task easier. The PrinterShare app is now no longer available for free (It is a good app though. So you can install and use it if you wish to spend some bucks for premium printing service). So, I will show you how to use the StarPrint app for printing documents and images from your Android phone via USB.

The main reasons behind choosing this app are; first, it is free, and second, it is compatible with more than 4000 models of the printing machines from the famous brands like Canon, HP, Epson, Kodak, etc.

Go to Google PlayStore and search for “StarPrint” app. Download the app and install it on your Android device.

Step-3: Connect the Device to USB

Now, attach the USB cable to the Android phone USB OTG port. Then, connect the other end of the cable into the printing machine. Make sure that both the ends of the cable are attached properly, and the devices have identified the connection.

Step-4: Launch the Printing App

Now, open the StarPrint app on your phone. Then, select the item that you want to print from the list of images, documents, web page, map, drive, camera, etc.

Step-5: Set the Print

Next, set up the printing options. You can set the page margins, the number of copies, and other additional printing settings that you can generally do on any printing machine. You can even see the print preview to make sure everything is perfect.

Step-6: Select the Printer

You will have different options for printing like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB. As we are printing from the cable, you need to select the ‘USB printers’ option. Now, click on the printer model on your Android screen. If you cannot see any device there or if your phone cannot detect the printer, then follow steps 2 to 5 again.

Step-7: Enjoy Printing

Click on the ‘Print’ button once you find everything ok. Your printer should start the printing process, and in no time, you will get your hard copies of the files you want.

Printing is Easy

In this modern world of mobile technology, printing has become much more comfortable, quicker, and convenient. The primary factor behind this may be the upgraded Android versions, which are compatible with almost all types of application available in the store. So, the only limitation is the compatibility of the file you want to print.

I hope this guide will help you to print directly from your Android device via USB. If you still have any issue or doubt or if you know any better way to do it, then please share it in the comment section below. Thanks!

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