Lenovo to drop Motorola, but keep using Moto, on phones

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In 2014, Lenovo acquired Motorola Mobility from Google, with a promise to “protect” the Motorola brand name. In 2015, the company said that Lenovo’s mobile business will be absorbed/merged into Motorola. Well, you know how these things work out. At the moment, Lenovo has decided to ditch the Motorola brand name, but keep the “Moto” brand its high-end smartphones. Lenovo will use its Vibe brand for budget devices. You can expect to see smartphones such as Lenovo Moto G and Lenovo Vibe XX. Something like that. The Motorola brand will disappear completely from smartphones. Long live Moto!


However, while the Motorola brand will disappear from smartphones and devices, it will continue to exist as a subsidiary/division of Lenovo. The juggling game continues.


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