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Mitel phone system provides on site and cloud-based public branch exchange (PBX) systems. It offers several business communication products, including MiCloud Flex, MiVoice Business, and MiCloud Connect. Mitel has three plans which are Essentials, Premier, and Elite. Let’s go through a few reviews on some sites to see what Mitel’s phone service is all about.

Mitel phone system reviews

Mitel phone system reviews on Best company

I came across a few reviews on the Best company site and the site had a low rating of 2.2 out of 5 stars. None of the reviews on this site were above 2 stars so that is basically all bad reviews. A lot of customers complained about the frequent outages they experienced while using this service. There were also major complaints about dropped calls, audio delay, not receiving emails and much more. There was also a complaint about their conference call system, their conference called system was referred to as ‘unreliable’. There were also some complaints about their customer support and how the reps give excuses for issues instead of solving the customer’s problem. Just a side note, a majority of the reviews are from a year or two ago. Here’s a review:

•Absolute worst phone company to do service with. We started out a contract in June of 2019 & at first everything was good. Setting up we had an assigned rep who we could contact with questions. Once the phone system was up & running, that rep disappeared & any questions had to go through support. The education that they give you so that you can manage the phone system is lackluster. Mitels support team fails to listen to issues and instead will either tell you that its a “global issue” or that they have no problems on their side of things. Cases are never resolved in a timely manner & I currently have 3 cases that have been open and unresolved for more than a month.


Mitel phone system reviews

Mitel phone system reviews on Getvoip website

The Getviop website had an overall review rating of 3.3 out of 5 stars. There were very few good reviews on the site and most of them are from 2020. Let’s start with the good reviews, a customer wrote about their satisfaction with the company’s design and implementation. The company’s team was described as understanding and professional. Here’s one of the good reviews. 

•I’m extremely please with our Mitel system, as are our end-users! From design, to implementation to day-to-day management, it’s been seamless. The Mitel team has been professional, understanding and accommodating, always willing to listen to our suggestions or concerns and adjust accordingly. I’ve worked with many phones systems over the years, Mitel hands down has been the best!

Now on to the bad reviews. There were a lot of bad reviews, so lets start with a few. A lot of customers were not happy with the frequent dropping of calls and bad connection. There were also some complaints about the company’s customer service and tech support. Some customers claimed customer support was rude to them and would shout and hang up on them instead of listening and trying to  solve their issues. Some of them also said the same about tech support. Some reviews mentioned that the company’s plans are overpriced and still don’t work properly. Here’s a review:

•Their customer support is horrible. Sadly, it’s very difficult to understand what they are saying. The local supervisor was completely disgusting and rude, She was raising her voice and when called out on it she decided to hang up. Harish Prajapati the tech support was also extremely rude and played coy, when called on it he hung up, refused to pick up my call, and returned my emails.

I had originally signed up with 2 phone lines and 2 voice mail services, as I looked into my account on why I was charged for 18 lines. All I wanted was for them to admit they screwed up and just fix it, but instead, they were rude and now have lost a 5year relationship. The services weren’t great but were able to get by for 5 years till I voiced I was unhappy with their service and billing. Wish I had read all the reviews, instead being in a bad relationship with them for 5 years.


Mitel phone system reviews

Last Words

After reading through a lot of reviews on different sites, it seems like Mitel has a huge amount of work to do to satisfy their customers because a lot of the reviews were not flattering.

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