Google to kill third-party call recording apps on May 11

If you find 3rd party call recording apps useful, or if you are a developer of such an app, there is bad news: Google is implementing a new policy that will eliminate their ability to function. For users, say goodbye to recording calls with 3rd party apps. For app developers, years of hard work will go down the drain.

As the name suggests, a call recording app is mobile application that allows you to record telephone conversations. The jury is split on whether call recording functionality in smartphones is a good thing or not.

Google’s new policy does not affect native call recording i.e. call recording apps that are pre-installed on Android phones. For example, Google Pixel, Xiaomi, and TECNO smartphones have call recording functionality baked into their phone diallers, which are pre-installed the operating system. These will continue to function. As such, if you need to record calls, you can purchase phones that have the feature baked in. Otherwise, you are out of luck from May 11, 2022, when Google’s new policy will go into effect.

Google kills off 3rd party call recording apps

With this new development, we might see a new flurry of activities by smartphone makers to add phone call recording functionality to their phone diallers, in order to provide this functionality to their phone users.

This is unless Google decides to kill off native phone call recording functionality too. You can watch the embedded video below for Google’s statements about this new development.

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