The majority of the apps and games that populate the Apple, Google and Windows stores are free apps. Some are paid. But have you ever

These are the most expensive apps in the world

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The majority of the apps and games that populate the Apple, Google and Windows stores are free apps. Some are paid. But have you ever wondered about the most expensive apps?

Mobile applications or apps are something that have become a necessary requirement when you acquire a mobile device. With several mobile operating systems like Android and iOS, a majority of the apps and games that populate the stores are free apps.

There are also apps that you have to pay for. Though the price of paid apps vary from application to application, a majority of paid apps go for $0.99 which a few more taking a higher price point. When converted into Naira, $0.99 is roughly 156.66 Naira which is a fair price to pay to a developer.

most expensive apps

Moving on, then comes the ridiculous; apps that costs upwards of $100. First i would list the top five most expensive Android apps and then i’ll come back to the issue whether it is worth the price or not.

The Most Expensive Apps

  1. Most Expensive App ($200.00) (Play Store Link)
  2. Most Expensive Japanese App ($200.00) (Play Store Link)
  3. I’m Rich Man ($199.99) (Play Store Link)
  4. Medicine Central ($159.95) (Play Store Link)
  5. Anesthesia Central ($149.95) (Play Store Link)

As you can see from the list above, the top three are just useless apps that someone(presumably silly) will buy. The only two that are justified are Medicine Central and Anesthesia Central and even those two apps are still two expensive.

Let me take Medicine Central as an example, when the cost of the app at $159.95 is converted into Naira; it amounts to a whooping 25,295.08 Naira. If you are a medical doctor, would you buy that?

iOS is not left out too as there is also an app called VIP Black that costs $999.99. VIP Black provides access to a service, here is a part of the text on VIP Black’s purchase page on iTunes:

*Please note: Black is the premium version, the first ‘Millionaire’s App’. Upon download, prospective members will be required to certify they are High Net Worth Individuals with assets and/or income in excess of £1 million. Upon completion each approved member will be eligible for a personal consultation to explore how iVIP Ltd. can manage their VIP lifestyle.

That is all folks, what do you think?. Would you splash all that money on an app even if it is functional or relevant to you.

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  1. I would willingly splash money on any of these “many_in_one” automation apps that give you the functionalities of numerous standalone apps~ in one app.

    These are:


    Those apps are extremely valuable, as well as INvaluable!

    They are worth every kobo, especially the first three..

  2. I remember sometime ago watching a video on Crackberry about the (then) most expensive app in Blackberry’s app World, Cesar HQ Limited Edition Desktop Clock app for $500.

    From my searches, it seems the most expensive apps are mainly for those in the medicaal field or those who work in specific fields.

    There are apps I could justify the price for: apps like TouchChat HD which is a touch screen app for the iPad, and is invaluable for those those who have difficulty with natural speech.

  3. As far as Blackberry Porsches and Noki Vertus exist, then why not such apps? I remember there was an ”I Am Rich” app on the itunes store one time which does nothing but displays a red shiny diamond on your iPhone screen and a couple of motivational words. It cost $999.99, two or three people tapped the ‘buy’ button by mistake and they unwittingly bought the app. It was scrapped out of the store a few days later, i’m not sure whether the unfortunate iPhone users got their money back but i remember reading that the developer complained that he wasn’t given his cut of the purchase money.

  4. I can understand medical and business apps fetching those prices, although I can’t really pinpoint as why they should cost that much, it just makes more sense. But if you take a look at some lists that are making the rounds lately, there’s stuff like iLinx or Quizcenter reaching the $200 mark… that’s absolutely crazy. They are trying to cash in on the apps craze but it won’t last long. I don’t mind paying for a good product but what’s the point of such a high price tag for a game? I think we’ll see pretty soon a levelling in apps prices, with less free and cheap apps and less of these crazy expensive ones, as long as the market keeps expanding.

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